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  2. Exploring Abandoned Untouched Indian Restaurant

    Nice find Rich. Interesting little mooch
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  4. The Home of Grandpa Mole (Part 2)

    it say please update your account to enable third party hosting? photobucket?
  5. Exploring Abandoned Untouched Indian Restaurant

    Tetley's Smooth Flow? Tea on tap?
  6. The Home of Grandpa Mole (Part 2)

    Should've gone to spec savers
  7. Building Bridges- (Oct '17)

    What a splendid mooch, Must be loads of history in those walls and a story or two to tell. Many thanks for sharing.
  8. History- The building is from the 'railway era'. The hotel was a hub of the community, it had a fantastic ballroom and restaurant. Many people came by rail to stay here. The hotel from around 2000 was used by an employment agency called StaffSmart to house workers they had lured over to the UK from South Africa to work in the local canning factory. People came from SA on the promise of hotel accommodation and didn't know until they got here that it meant inside the shell of the Bridge Hotel on damp mattresses lined up in each room, including the Ballroom. After StaffSmart vacated the hotel, it stood empty with broken windows until it was bought and restored to a high standard with plush furnishings and chandeliers. However, the hotel rooms were pricey and without the rail trade of people heading to the village, people would be passing through and tended to stay in cheaper accommodation in the area. The hotel wasn't open for long before closing down and ownership passed through several hands whilst falling further into disrepair. In 2015, workmen were spotted on the site removing roof tiles and floorboards to salvage as many building materials before it was demolished but its still standing now, so I don't know what stopped the demolition. Since then the building has unfortunately been vandalised and several fires have been set destroying about 70% of it. The Bridge Hotel in the 50's Explore- The hotel is close to me, so even though I knew the damage of the place it was still worth checking out. Access to the building was easy, a window round back was broken and a board to climb up to it was balanced kind of safely. The cellar floor, ground floor and a few rooms on the first floor were safe enough to walk around but past that there is a lot of fire damage. Pictures-
  9. Exploring Abandoned Untouched Indian Restaurant

    Check out this nice little untouched indian restaurant. The only info i have is the place is due for demolition to make way for a new complex. Enjoy this little gem of place
  10. The Home of Grandpa Mole (Part 2)

  11. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

  12. Abandoned Hotel - Penang, Malaysia

    Liking that, hotel bushy.
  13. Hi Guys I recently found this huge abandoned hotel in a sorry overgrown state. So I thought I would wizz the flying camera around it. I didn't go inside unfortunately as the perimeter fence looked rather harsh, with lots of no entry signs. plus it was way to hot. The Penang Mutiara Beach Resort in Jalan Teluk Bahang has been left totally abandoned since it shut its doors in 2006.
  14. Greek townhouse

    Do it sir!!
  15. Greek townhouse

    What a fantastic house. The staircase is stunning. It is just so sad to think that this is a likely result of the economic problems in Greece and of the people who have lost jobs and homes
  16. Greek townhouse

    First class Sir, love the pics, many thanks for sharing WB.
  17. Station Houses - Lincolnshire (Oct '17)

    Very nice explore, many thanks for sharing .WB.
  18. The Home of Grandpa Mole (Part 2)

    Did I... hmm not sure I did... No you sure are a legend!
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  20. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    Come on folks, why is it so quiet? I just bought a nice Cree head torch for my prize, will come handy when exploring!
  21. Exploring Huge Abandoned Swimming Baths

    We just love abandoned swimming baths. Here's some info for you all. The St James' Street Baths was officially opened on 9 June 1932. It was built on a site formerly occupied by the Christ Church Schools, and was designed by the Borough Estates Surveyor, Mr R E Ford, assisted by Mr F D Whiteley and Mr H J Ward. It cost £10,000 to build and equip and the general contractors were Messrs Walter Firth Ltd of Doncaster.The building contained swimming, slipper, Turkish and Russian baths. The pool was the first public swimming bath in England to be fitted with underwater lighting through the provision of twenty-four powerful electric lights along the sides of the pool. The intention was to prevent unperceived accidents, and coloured screens could be placed in front of the lights to give coloured effects. The pool water was filtered by plant supplied by Paterson Engineering Co Ltd of London, and the whole of the water in the pool could be withdrawn, warmed, aerated, chemically treated, and returned to the pool once every four hours, ensuring that the water would be bacteriologically and chemically pure during the whole of the bathing season. The opening ceremony booklet noted that 'unlike most other swimming baths, there are no dressing rooms round the swimming pool itself, but these are provided in two large rooms adjoining the bath hall'. The slipper baths were divided into first-class and second-class baths separated for men and women. There was also a laundry fully equipped with the latest machinery, and a kitchen to provide food for the bathers.
  22. Exploring Abandoned Fire Station

    Cheers pal. I prefer my videos with background music. Tried it in my old videos and didn't like the silence but each to there own guess you can't please everyone but glad you enjoyed the video
  23. Greek townhouse

    Thanks for the comments, I just added those missing rooftop terrace photos. Imagine sitting there on a warm, summer night, sipping cocktail and snacking on olives and fresh fruit.
  24. Greek townhouse

    Excellent report and top shots there squire. Never been myself and if Mrs Blacksnake should ever get wind of the plentiful supply of derp, then I never will! It took all my cunning to convince her that Normandy was a holiday resort!!
  25. This was awesome! Abandoned Mansion with original features 1900s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqUT24X1rUI
  26. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    Entering this on behalf of my little sister who took the pic whilst on an explore with me last week
  27. Abandoned Roadside Cottage

    that suitcase one is stonking sir
  28. Greek townhouse

    Excellent report and agree regarding the people. Took 20 minutes to get orange juice but boy what a treat, frozen glass and the guy went out to pick the oranges for my drink.............now that's fresh! Shame the countries been left to bleed to death through mismanagement and the EU.
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