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  1. Hartford Mill, Oldham - Nov 17

    I am very surpised its still standing and open for explores to be honest. Nice moody shots, excellent
  2. The Doctor Who story was the Sea Devils, It was filmed here in October 1971. Does look a bit knackered this place to say the least.
  3. MAYFIELD RAILWAY STATION (permission visit)

    excellent, looks like they let you have a good mooch around the place
  4. Uncle Bobs Quiver place, November 2016

    looks mighty fine this place
  5. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    well earned Mr WB
  6. Dr Roberts, I presume?

    quality Mr Blobber, good solid b&w in a mine. Top stuff.
  7. Competition 3 - Video only

    now I know why secca gave us a hard time, people keep playing with his swing
  8. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    "my bad" get you !!
  9. Competition 3 - Video only

    It would seem all videos fell foul of the rules and given the lack of entries I'm a loss what to do with this voucher. If anyone has any issues speak up as I will throw the prize into a photo comp. I will leave it open to grumbles and discussion for 7 days. After that I will throw the prize at a proper photo comp unless anyone has an issue. PS no more video comps I feel..... Speak up now.
  10. Gassy

    rather liking this
  11. [Chernobyl] Pripyat Police Station

    excellent, you didn't really expect that light switch to work ? did you ?
  12. Cigar Factory, Belgium - April 2017

    blimey, stunning
  13. T'other side of the Ridge

    Like these Mr Tbolt, I should have got up Sir and made the effort
  14. The Hippodrome

    I'm impressed, not a video and excellent pics I should add
  15. Greek townhouse

    excellent find