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  1. Exploring abandoned house and found THIS!

    John Holmes, I thought he was a 70s porn star ?
  2. Cam Warehouse 06/17

    excellent and I do like peeling graf
  3. Prison Of War

    and trust me when I say this Mr Snapt, I have done some really shite explores. In fact from memory I ended up photographing butterflies here and mumbling can we go now, please. can we go now I have some glossing to do and I must clean the oven.
  4. The Visit.

    I've done a few CCTs, a grand job they do. We all like a little church afterall. Thanks for the share WB
  5. Prison Of War

    Dear internet lurker, if you have stumbled upon this report by chance be warned this place is rubbish. I am not sure how or indeed what alchemy has been used on these photos to make the place look even remotely interesting. The Sun called it "eerie", I say a waste of a...., well anything. FFS its a row of shit sheds. Mr Snapt, how the hell ???? I have this down as my worst explore ever, I sat down after 10 mins and did some sunbathing. Major turd polishing Mr Snapt, you are indeed the master of poo.
  6. Lavino's infirmary sept 2017

    excellent, nothing more
  7. Auschwitz

  8. Broken NCP

    is good sir
  9. Peach Factory, Bury - Sept 2017

    rather impressed with that lens of yours Mr Tbolt, I always considered mine a toy - I think I may dig it out for a bit of a challenge
  10. Peach Factory, Bury - Sept 2017

    Am I missing out in life ?
  11. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    Mr War Builidngs, I'm liking that alot
  12. Peach Factory, Bury - Sept 2017

    This place was one of my very first explores back in 2012. Interesting to go back and reflect on the change in both the building and my photography - here is the first report. On this latest trip I visited with Tbolt. Not much history, closed donkeys years ago, used to make traffic cones, the company still trades from another location. Strangely found it rather good this second time around, but then sometimes its simply the company you keep that makes an explore. 6/10 (point deducted for size).
  13. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    we don't do really do penalty points, we try to be nice here, unless of course your a complete and utter knob - happy for you to repost for the comp without it counting as a second entry
  14. The Hospital That Time Forgot: Aug 2017

    Yep, we have competitions, located under...... competitions. Get it entered, its a cracker