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  1. Healey Mills Train Yard & Dudfleet Mill

    Love it mate, superb bit of film is that. Thanks for posting.
  2. Cyprus Delights

    Love it Mr Bovine. What a great find and an interesting write up, top dollar.
  3. The Sand Sidings

    It's an abandoned derpy daisy
  4. dodd selwyn motors

    Crikey, thas dun r lorra resurch un't those lad. 'appun it's not called Yorkshire Traction Cumpny either, it's tracky sheds lad, tha shud no that. Haha enough of Barnsley (tarn) talk, you've done some cracking research to get all that. Must have took you forever mate. Excellent report
  5. The Sand Sidings

    Thank you my dear fellows, delighted that you like the results of ones foray
  6. The Sand Sidings

    This was like a return trip for me, a place I'd visited years before. I always enjoy going back to a place and seeing how much things change over time. The change in this place was rather stark, nearly the complete line that went from CVR to the Sand Sidings had now gone. More importantly, so had most of the trains and carriages. Such a shame, end of mooch. Well, not exactly. With little else to do that day, and a fine early autumn day it was too, I decided to walk the entire route from CVR to the Sand Sidings. A rather jolly and splendid little sojourn it was too. Still plenty to see and kept the interest going throughout the walk. As for history, there's really very little I know regarding the Sand Sidings. I know it outlasted the local train station at Oakamoor and closed around 1988 to freight trains. Since then it was used as storage for Churnet Valley Railway. The first time I went it was alive with activity with the track in use, it's now slowly being reclaimed by nature. Hope you enjoy and see my Flickr for more images of this mooch. RJA_5596 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5605 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5624 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5632 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5634 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5647 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5655 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5653 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5676 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5679 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5690 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5698 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5708 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr RJA_5710 by Richard Ashton, on Flickr
  7. tickhill viaduct and the harworth colliery branch

    Fags, tea and ham sarnies got me interested. Nice bit of history there mate. I think I may have wondered a bit down said line myself.
  8. Hartford Mill, Oldham - Nov 17

    Nice report, proper derpy but some cracking shots there

    That's a belting report Mr Pig. Top marks, looks good n derpy too.
  10. firbeck colliery light railway

    A well researched bit of history there mate
  11. MAYFIELD RAILWAY STATION (permission visit)

    Love it Mr Pig, must say you done it proud. Its been high on my list for many years has this place.
  12. Abandoned 1940's railway tunnels

    That's an interesting mooch mate. Blacksnake and Blober love tunnels, you'll have to take em some time.
  13. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    Hi peeps. After a week of discussion we are delighted to announce that Mr WB's spiral staircase has won this themed competition. A huge thank you to everyone that took part in the competition.
  14. Uncle Bobs Quiver place, November 2016

    Cracking report Mr Lavino, love a good bit of industrial porm
  15. Dr Roberts, I presume?

    Wow, top stuff, a bit of twin reflex old skool. That's a real skill Mr Blober.