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  1. Exploring Abandoned Untouched Indian Restaurant

    Nice find Rich. Interesting little mooch
  2. Abandoned Hotel - Penang, Malaysia

    Liking that, hotel bushy.
  3. Greek townhouse

    Excellent report and agree regarding the people. Took 20 minutes to get orange juice but boy what a treat, frozen glass and the guy went out to pick the oranges for my drink.............now that's fresh! Shame the countries been left to bleed to death through mismanagement and the EU.
  4. Station Houses - Lincolnshire (Oct '17)

    I like that, really nice looking place. Excellent mooch.
  5. Cigar Factory, Belgium - April 2017

    How did I miss this, stonkingly good report, great images
  6. Exploring Abandoned Fire Station

    Irony. Excellent mooch and yes that looks freshly chargrilled.
  7. Abandoned Roadside Cottage

    Only pulling your leg, quite a clever username for those that know their history
  8. Abandoned Roadside Cottage

    Ooh Mister Homo I rather like that, splendid pics as usual. Loving the shot through the roof, awesome.
  9. Campers no More

    A rare little find, good work. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nobody at T' Mill!

    Lovin those, great work
  11. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    Some good stuff guys, keep 'em rolling in.
  12. Pole Position - 2017

    Welcome back Taz, epic video. That place is huge, is Betty repaired? Top job.
  13. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [pic heavy]

    That bath!!! Crikey it looks sinister. I think the good Captain was a frequent visitor here. Excellent report and cracking images as usual.
  14. a mansion in darkness october 2017

    Nice find, nothing like a dusk rummage, top work.
  15. Cam Warehouse 06/17

    Loving the graff and derpyness.