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  1. Fallen Nemesis 08/17

    Haha, oh dear, I can't believe I fell down the stairs, going exploring after no sleep isn't wise, I slept well when I got home. Cracking set of full frame images are those.
  2. Edlington to Conisborough Tunnel 14/08/17

    Don't worry Explore With Rich, its a fetish Mr TBolt has, plump Yorkshiremen in thongs, I have to wear 'em on our explores together Btw those big spiders are known as False Widows, the can bite but usually ok.
  3. Boeing 747 Breakers yard

    Excellent report, bet it was brill getting a proper visit too.
  4. FIRE'S OUT!

    Excellent report, liking that. Made me laugh did that. I remember my RE teacher and his collection of cereals stuck in his beard
  5. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    It's also a Yorkshire wallet. I need to go lie down, I've got cold sweat and shakes.
  6. Hi gang, it's time for the much anticipated photo competition number 2. This time we want to see your Stairs and Chairs photo's only, a popular subject when we are out and about in somewhere we shouldn't be. Please could you include only photo's taken from today, no golden oldies. A limit of 10 images per member too. We look forward to seeing the results of your adventures. A shiny £20 Amazon voucher shall be given to the winner. Competition ends on 18/11/2017
  7. Awesome report. A rather imposing looking place dominating the landscape.
  8. Mill Lane W.M.C South Kirkby 14/08/17

    Good video chaps, shame it was so knackered. Still it's good to go for a mooch.
  9. The Old Docks

    Grrr My scary monster impression must have been crap Excellent pics Mr TBolt, ok......I have no tinterweb for a few days and a new thingy appears
  10. The Old Docks

    The other week me and Sir TBolt found ourselves at a well and truly sealed up explore, we were now all dressed up and no where to go. An idea formulated and we were both back in the trusty ole derp bus heading towards the beautiful coastal city of Hull. Upon first sight the place harks back to a thriving fishing industry that was at the very heart of St. Andrews docks, now for many years sadly gone. The docks opened in 1883 but the Lord Line itself opened in 1949 and the docks were closed in 1975. The decline in the docks can be directly attributed to the "Cod Wars" with Iceland, I urge you into further reading of the Cod Wars, fascinating reading. Since closure the area has deteriorated and there is pressure from the council to demolish the buildings that are left, a sad end to a dock that employed up to 50,000 in it's hey day. Enjoy the images Bummed by Richard Ashton, on Flickr It's okay, don't worry.............TBolt chose life Docked by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Repair by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Light by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Old Lady by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Art Rooom by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Docks by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Derpy Art by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Stair Light by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Window Light by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Broken Industry by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Doorway Art by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Funny Art by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Lots more in the Flickr album, thanks for passing by. https://www.flickr.com/photos/100731732@N06/sets/72157684871139513/with/36523779085/
  11. Feniscowles ,Oct 2016

    A rather splendid house back in it's day by the looks. One of the early industrialists, thanks for sharing.
  12. Dorothea Quarry.

    Excellent report Mr WB. Great write up and brill old pics of the workers. Looks a peaceful place.
  13. Exploring Abandoned RAF Church Fenton 31/07/17

    That must have been the pinnacle of life's achievements Oi you, bugger off

    Ooh I do rather like that, a theatre where one can practice his thespian skills. I saw a film about thespians once.
  15. Scottish Waulk Mill

    Excellent find and pics. Big respect too for respecting the neighbour.