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  1. Ooh one does like the look of this, well done young chap.
  2. Top notch report mate. Awesome images. Loving the pram top pics and the "heart art" graff. Looks a very good place to stroll around in.
  3. Ace report is that. Faceplanting ouch, I know the technique well, unfortunately. Interesting stuff regarding the mine.
  4. How did you know
  5. Top job to all who took part, some great entries
  6. Whilst going in places I shouldn't I did a city of Sheffield panorama last night Sheffield by Richard Ashton, on Flickr
  7. Yep, nailed that as well
  8. You made that place look good, I left with one shot.
  9. Oh man! Those are rather stonkingly good, a wobbly Elvis for yer. Where's TBolt's posts.................or is he still finishing his pint of tea, with dodgy milk and the tea bag left in
  10. A bit of a stealthy mooch shot, panorama. Quarry Panorama by Richard Ashton, on Flickr Quarry by Richard Ashton, on Flickr
  11. Nice work mister, been a few years since I walked around here and it still looks pretty good. Excellent report.
  12. . Excellent report Sir Madam
  13. Nice report mate, I very nearly visited here a couple of months back. Might have to give it a go.
  14. Nice stuff Mr WB, face planting used to be a speciality of mine, and usually the odd broken bone or two.
  15. Nice to see this old place again, seems to be blighted with idiots and ill fortune in recent years.