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  1. When are we going to have that mooch of Shoreham Cement Works that you once mentioned to me a couple of years ago?

  2. Hi mate, not sure if the offer will still be on but jessops are doing Nikon 50mm primes (50mm f1.D) for 3.97 plus postage, be ok for your shiny new d750.

  3. Smoked Kippers

    Lots of industrial goodness going on there. Nice one;-)
  4. Powerplant Im (Belgium)

    That's nice...but there's something missing...ah yes...bird crap! Where'd it all go?
  5. Old Farm House, Studley, May 2011

    Looks a cool little mooch......will deffo give you a nudge before next coming up yr way...depending on when the mum in law wants to start talking to me:-(
  6. H.m.s Lollington/boat 'x' - Town 'x' - Feb 12

    There's an 'm' on that last word.....
  7. H.m.s Lollington/boat 'x' - Town 'x' - Feb 12

    I might get the gist of the 'multiquote' feature as well one of these days....you lost me slightly there Esp....can't see the 'enable emoticons' button on the iPad, so can't use the :-(
  8. H.m.s Lollington/boat 'x' - Town 'x' - Feb 12

    It's just a Naval thing mate (big smiley face)
  9. H.m.s Lollington/boat 'x' - Town 'x' - Feb 12

    V cool, nice one, love the Galley photos ;-). I have to correct you guys on a small technicality - boats go under the water, ships go on top (big smiley face). 'ere, Admin, why can't I work the smileys? :-0
  10. Time Capsule, Dec 2011 (Pic Heavy)

    Nice. Some v fookin scary dolls going on there.....
  11. V cool mate ;-). Have to ask though....what in damnation is a fire house? Lol......
  12. Okily dokily - a place that escaped my clutches the last time I went a-bimbling in the West Country, but not this time. Had a restriction imposed on my mooching tendencies for the week we were down there (could've spent the whole week at it to be honest with what my research had uncovered, but more than my life's worth) but had to do this place - she had no choice. I'm not going to bore any of you with history, not out of laziness you understand....much....but this side of things has been more than admirably covered on the web and not least by previous reports on here. It is still very much 'live' and used by the big airfield just up the road - RNAS Culdrose, not just for flying but for firefighting training and rescuing bods from downed aircraft (so I believe). Not difficult to find of course, but negotiating a big Cornish bog and associated gorse bushes made for a slightly comedic entrance. The exit also had a comedy touch about it but more on that later...it's pic heavy, but I'm not sorry... On with the pics: (1) The sight that greeted me on my approach as I'm knee deep in cr*p (2) The front end of a very sorry-looking Canberra (3) The arse end of a very sorry looking Canberra (4) The pilot's chair (5) The passengers Chairs (6) (7) The canopy (8) The Dominie (9) Inside... (10) (11) (12) And the front & arse ends from outside (13) (14) A Harrier with a bloody big nose...couldn't tell you the version, but there are a few of these scattered around (15) (16) (17) A red-nosed Wessex (18) (19) (20) Aaah.....The Senior Service.... (21) (22) A sorry-looking Seaking (23) (24) Contrary to what you might have seen on other forums - this is a torpedo not a missile... (25) And finally....a rather drunk Wessex wot fell over... Now it was time to extricate myself. Back through the frickin' brambles and a cool nonchalant leap over the knee high fence. I hit the bog the other side and promptly found myself doing a dying beatle act. Good job no one was around. Not professional at all... Anyway, hope you enjoyed and thanks for looking
  13. The Mine Culvert, North Yorkshire, Jan '12

    Yeah - tell me about it...lol....talk about tricky focusing in non-existent light.....can't solely rely on my camera's auto focusing system...but then again I can't rely on my ageing peepers either when in manual mode. Ho hum :-(
  14. The Mine Culvert, North Yorkshire, Jan '12

    An interesting read mate;-). Some cracking shots there. Is it possible to take a bad shot in a well-lit tunnel I ask myself?
  15. A Big Blimp Hangar - Jan 2012

    You'd need a fookin' big pin mate LoL.