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  1. Old airbases...always nice to see pics of any of them
  2. Looks good. Nice one mate.
  3. Shitting profusely everywhere, but still with us. Mrs TC is at the vets with him on Thurs...other than that, he seems time will tell...
  4. That's quality..have been to Dungeness, and loved it. You've done it proud.
  5. I've never actually dragged my arse down one of these. It looks like it has that 'wartime' look/feel about it, and I love that.
  6. Semen(s) gets everywhere....
  7. That's pretty interesting. I have to say...paint scheme is shyte...
  8. Yes, looks familiar...think I've been here. Nice one moosh....
  9. "I know how to show a lady a good time" <dies laughing> er...if you ask Mrs TC I'm not much better...still, that does look interesting
  10. I really like that...nice one...the only aircraft, I believe, my dad took a flight in during his national service
  11. Er...missed that Moggy Minor when I last went...we'll see what happens the next time around...
  12. Nice pics there mate..but just on the wrong side of dereliction for my delicate taste..
  13. When are we going to have that mooch of Shoreham Cement Works that you once mentioned to me a couple of years ago?

  14. Cold, wet &windy days to go mooching. Another good one there
  15. You've done that place justice I feel. Nice one