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  1. Lyminge Roc Post. Kent.

    Yep it's a 10-24mm. Makes the place look 30ft long.
  2. Lyminge Roc Post. Kent.

    Opened in November 1960 and closed in October 1968. A Bofors semi-rigid stretcher.
  3. Your Night Time Shots

  4. Sunsets

  5. St Martins Deep Shelter - Dover - Nov 2011

    Nice pics Nelly, Just one thing though: Andrew McDowell was killed in April 1862, but St. Martin's Battery wasn't completed untill 1877, Three years after construction began. St. Martin's Battery was built as a replacement for Drop Battery which as the name suggests is near to Drop Redoubt, 1/4/ of a mile away, but closer to the cliff edge. The Magazines for Drop Battery are all that remain, they're East of the Grand Shaft, hidden in the undergrowth. Sorry to be pedantic but now you know.
  6. Your Night Time Shots

  7. Your Night Time Shots

  8. Hammill Brickworks. Kent. Aug 2010

    Thanks all, and thanks ad3535, Most of the site had been cleared now so our photos and your memories may be all we have.
  9. Arty images urbex/non urbex

    Using AGFA APX 100 film stuff.
  10. Arty images urbex/non urbex

    Yep! Great shot.
  11. Ushaw Seminary College -2009

    That's a fantastic set of pics matey and a great looking place! (You might want to drop the 'd' in colledge though)
  12. Westmount College - Dover - June 2011

    Nah Don't worry about it. I worked in the grounds of this place years ago and have been in there loads of times and never took any pics. Obviously not knowing what was going to become of it. I didn't take any pics of the fire because I was in the town taking pictures of the United Reform Church burning down. Two iconic Dover buildings on fire at the same time!! and both owned by the same bloke!!!