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  1. Cigar Factory, Belgium - April 2017

    What an interesting report. Proof that asking can work wonders (sometimes) Thanks for posting
  2. Campers no More

    Just a mini report, about a large holiday camp which closed in 1985. For the customers to cross the road and tram tracks to the camp, a tunnel was created. Forgotten by most, it was worth an explore through dense scrub and bushes, no evidence of any human doing similar. The camp was mostly demolished and the site is for sale with planning for a luxury house. Steps down from the camp entrance To the tunnel Tunnel mouth once had a door Still in good nick! Something not on the tour bus circuit at all!
  3. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [pic heavy]

    A bit weird, but excellently captured, perhaps a sad story behind all this. Good report.
  4. Nobody at T' Mill!

    From 1837, this mill produced high quality fabrics, until gradually getting into debt and closing in 2013. Since then the machinery was sold and the buildings just left to decay! With the prospect of demolition, by the mortgagees in possession, it was time to have a look. Due to another business on part of the site, no vandalism has occurred, which was a nice change! Happier times This was for taking all the loom pins out at once! The water supply to the mill - anti Bovine grating fitted! Lots of stuff upstairs Collapsing ceilings in part of it! Really vintage management's bog!
  5. The Brewery

    Super to see a brewery complete! Like the finished products as well! Good report and pics.
  6. Grassington moor sept. 2015

    I have been around some of this and your vid sums it up nicely. Grassington/Hebden Moor is just riddled with old adits and shafts, some open! The Dukes Level would be a good explore, built to de-water the mines in 1792, it comes out at Hebden, and is 2.5Km long.
  7. Fly Boys

    Crackin' pics and explore, worth the early start
  8. Hulme Hippodrome, Manchester - September 2017

    Excellent, you had a better reception than we got when it was a church! Good on the squatters!
  9. Life Blood!

    Slithered your way to take some excellent pics with your new toy, mate.

    What a time warp! Good pics and report
  11. The Wellhouse, Aug' 2015 and Aug 2016

    Great to explore, but we found parking a problem. Congrats for getting in!
  12. (None-Pikey) Funfair

    Reminds me of my hippy days! Thanks for sharing something new

    Full marks for getting in before it was closed up! That report is worth a whole bucket of swill!
  14. What a find, well done for braving the heat and losing valuable drinking time
  15. In a dark dark wood.....august 2017

    What a great off-beat find. Creepy pics, but adds to the overall theme of a great report.