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  1. What a find, well done for braving the heat and losing valuable drinking time
  2. In a dark dark wood.....august 2017

    What a great off-beat find. Creepy pics, but adds to the overall theme of a great report.
  3. Extwistle Hall, July 2017

    Great write up, another place left to go to rack and ruin!

    Did this a few years ago, always wondered what happened to it. Good report there
  5. Tram Tunnel G, North Yorks, Jan 2012

    Good little explore, love the lighting.
  6. Lower Lee School - Liverpool - Jan 2012

    Scary collection of kids, like 'The Village of the Damned'! Good work for getting in.
  7. The Algarve region of Portugal was being rapidly developed, with resorts and holiday parks seeming to spring up everywhere, that is until the recession dried up the supply of purchasers and finance. Now there are abandoned developments and houses all over the place. At Luz, in the Western Algarve, there was planned a complete village, but they only got as far as building the sales office! Now derelict, the rest of the site remains scrub, but one wonders how many people were parted from their money, like in Homes From Hell;? The orb was once a yellow sun, only two letters of the name remain Nature reclaims its own, the pikeys have reclaimed the window frames! Shattered dreams? Shattered washroom!
  8. The Mine Culvert, North Yorkshire, Jan '12

    Wonderful pics and story, you did well to get out alive as some of that looks as if the slightest vibration could start a collapse!
  9. Samson's Cave, West Midlands, Dec '11

    What a great topic, never thought about this sort of thing. Well done
  10. Post Apocalyptic Holiday Inn

    Good report and well put together.Requires a hell of a lot of TLC (and money!)
  11. An Underground Stream, West Yorkshire, Nov 2011

    Love it! What are Peter and Jane going to explore together next??????
  12. Old Tunnel, Yorkshire

    Love your reporting style....and a nice little explore to boot!
  13. Vasilicos Mines, Cyprus

    Cyprus is named after copper, which has been mined there for thousands of years. Most of the mines were quite small, being drifts and not the opencast holes found in other countries. The Vasilicos River Valley is about 13 miles north east of Limassol, in the Greek Cypriot side of the island. Mining for Gypsum, copper and iron pyrites started in 1937, lasting until 1977. To move the ore to the sea, an 8 mile long narrow gauge (2 foot 6 inches) was built, employing up to 13 diesel locomotives. After track removal in 1978, a selection of wagons and an Orenstein & Koppel 0-6-0 Diesel-hydraulic locomotive (No 21018 of 1938) were left on a viaduct outside the village of Kalvassos, as a relic. Further up the valley, a dam was built in 1986, but a bit of poking about revaled one of the mines. Not on any reps excursion, I thought that it might be of interest. Visited with Mrs. Bovine, who was good for removing thorns after I fell into the most evil spiny bush on the island! Made in England! Yes, these get everywhere, even in the hills! This was a haulage drift, the concrete tunnels were protection from the loose hillside. It appears that full wagons were hauled up by a wire rope and run straight ahead, then empties were collected from the other tunnel and lowered down. Looking towards the mouth of the drift Start of the mine, the hillside had already started collapsing! The drift descended at about 1 in 5, looking upwards Wooden props had not prevented a collapse The drift continued out of sight, too dangerous to explore further! Surviving rail, as a post.
  14. Ghost Ship - Wales - November 2011

    Good story to go with the report. Trouble with that ship is that it has been done to death, put that with the chavs and pikeys and I do sympathise with the owner, who is only trying to protect his property. Some of the other scary individuals might well be the very ones who are stripping the vessel and do not want publicity. How many wraps would a good DSLR get them? The lighthouse looks very interesting, as long as it is far enough away from the dock!