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  1. Another interesting explore, looking forward to your return visit.
  2. well documented, sir
  3. Wow, what a time capsule of a building! Thanks for sharing a great set of pics
  4. Well captured industrial dereliction......and no graf!
  5. Nice off grid location and good report. The pics tell it all.
  6. Good little mooch and great pics
  7. That is an epic explore, finding one thing after another. By the size of the wheel pit, the waterwheel must have been on the large size. One of its bearings left too. Good work
  8. Talk about hoarders house....eek! Great find and pics, though, wonder who lived there?
  9. Great find and pics, well done
  10. Something more interesting than bears in the woods today
  11. Great pics Mr. Snapt, moody and rather sad, like the way that this country has gone!
  12. Fascinating antidote for playing at moles
  13. This one has a dearth of information about it, but from a conversation with a friendly local, managed to get some details. During the intensive bombing of the island during 1940-1, the population sought refuge by digging underground shelters in the soft limestone rock. These still riddle the island, the location of some lost in the mists of time (cue explore). This one consisted of large chambers up to 90 feet underground, yet near the edge of a cliff and beyond anything worth bombing! Disused after the war ended, the deepening 'Cold War' crisis if the 1950-60's led to it being kitted out as a nuclear shelter for up to 100 key personnel. A complex of rooms were built inside the chambers, including bedrooms, canteen, recreation areas and washing/toilet facilities. Protected by blast walls and heavy steel doors, with an air filtration system it could remain isolated for 90 days, having water and diesel tanks. A generator was installed to power the lot, if the mains supply was lost. Up to the 1990's the place was maintained, but following the decision to abandon it, vandalism and theft reduced it to the wreck that it is today! The darkness does not deter the local youths, who use it for graf and ??????. Explored with Mrs Bovine, who provided surface backup. The main doors were secured! Found a way down an iron ladder in this service shaft, at least 60 feet of it. Pic taken looking upwards showing water, generator exhaust and power cable. Emerged into the fan/generator room A whole labyrinth of passages and rooms, less ceilings! Behind the sanitary block, this shows the construction within the chambers Large recreation room, showing the cavern roof and cracks A hazard was collapsed air ducting Air damper handle Just visible at the back, a water level gauge for the main tank One of 2 capped shafts, poss used in making the original chambers Emergency escape tunnel Generator exhaust and a cracking view over the valley. Mrs freaked out when she saw the ladder that I climbed down, and forbade any further climbing into places..........Mooo
  14. Good mooch and really portrays industrial derp.
  15. Good job, thanks for posting