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  1. Well done! Excellent photos by all
  2. Great work again Silent.
  3. Fantastic work, really atmospheric shots!
  4. I know apparently it was a long fought battle for them to gain access from the owners - that and the fact that I think the owner lives in Romania but at least the arcade consoles are rescued before they can be trashed by vandals.
  5. Also... Intresting topic - a group of enthusiasts managed to permission to get inside the ship with the owner - turn out it's full of vintage arcade games consoles
  6. Beautiful shots as always Dougie - I love you you get the details in your shots - what were you shooting in? and do you post process?
  7. Very impressed indeed )
  8. Stunning shots there - well done!
  9. Great shots there- always love looking at your photos they have a lovely colour and tone to them - is that a filter or post editing?? DW