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  1. Nobody at T' Mill!

    Nice one. I love the sign in pic 5
  2. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [pic heavy]

    A fairly recent sad story by the look of it....
  3. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [pic heavy]

    What an odd place! Great set of pics. Well done
  4. a mansion in darkness october 2017

    Oh yes.....me likey
  5. The Visit.

    Nice one. I do like churchy buildings
  6. Prison Of War

    I hactually liked it here, although it was a bit samey in the end. Is the car still there?
  7. Llanberis reserve boom stores October 2016

    Great pics and an excellent read too
  8. The Brewery

    Wowsers! You done proper good there mister
  9. The great asylum - May 2017

    Poor old Talgarth I seem to remember Tumbles having a pic of the piano standing on pristine blue carpet. It certainly didn’t last long once the roof was stripped
  10. Oakamooooo sidings, august 2017

    Excellent! Love the boiler
  11. Fly Boys

    Excellent This really does look like old school top class mooch
  12. an abandoned farm, sept 2017

    I like it Some great wallpapers in there
  13. Supergrass, sept 2015

    I have wondered about big cats myself as the remains of the calf were on what looked like an animal 'nest' or bed.
  14. Grassington moor sept. 2015

    I actually managed to watch a video to the end and enjoyed it This really shows how vast the area is and also how much of a potential death trap too
  15. Supergrass, sept 2015

    Nice one. You certainly put a lot of research and legwork into your reports What are your thoughts on the bones you found? I only ask because it reminded me of an old cottage we found in Wales (about 20+ years ago) where there was a ruined outhouse with what looked like the remains of a small calf!