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  1. Fallen Nemesis 08/17

    Blimey, that is just like playing out with Judders. Thankfully the most epic fall was when we went to an old nursing home and I was able to raid the treatment room to dress his wounds P.S. I like pic 9. I keep expecting James Bond to walk into view.... P.P.S. I am glad you corrected the spelling
  2. Fallen Nemesis 08/17

    Very nice I properly liked this place. So much colour and light to play with and yes, that means even the semi retired urbexer has been here!!!

    Good old Lords with the sticky carpet I have no idea how or why this is still standing! I am amazed it hasn't been demo'd as it is a bloody deathtrap, but I am equally amazed that it hasn't fallen down all on it's own Well done for getting in there, and for getting out again
  4. The Old Docks

    Well I am glad you pushed on to the upper floors 'cos you has some rather nice pics there. I can't decide between between pics 4 and 5 as they are both rather stonking Lol at Mr Scary Monster
  5. The Old Docks

    Ha ha at Bolty-Bum! Great images, matey. Is it just me that gets irritated when graffiti taggers can't spell ???
  6. Pokin around at Permanite, august 2017

    Well done
  7. Dorothea Quarry.

    Great set of pics. I love this place. It feels quite magical and mystical. Well done on finding the old pics too
  8. Exploring Abandoned RAF Church Fenton 31/07/17

    Sorry, I prefer still images as videos just make me feel dizzy. I really enjoyed this place. I met Mr Snapt here
  9. Feniscowles ,Oct 2016

    Nice one
  10. Milkbank House Kennels

  11. Milkbank House Kennels

    Built 1985??? Very nice. I like this a lot
  12. In a dark dark wood.....august 2017

    Oh my word......how creepily cute is that
  13. ITALY

    Wow.....some cracking pics there. I love the colours in the last one and the second one has been added to the 'that would look great on my wall' list Not overly keen on the scary mask tho
  14. Scottish Waulk Mill

    Yay....some excellent pics there. I love the post with all the writing on