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  1. Awwww the prams are still there. I have wanted to get to this place for such a long time. One day....hopefully.
  2. That is cracking view from the ladies toilets
  3. They are rather nice, Bolty Such a lovely little chapel, but I think I like the phonebox pic best
  4. The return home to Skye one is pretty good too. He is a very skilful chap
  5. Nice one. Danny MacAskills video is amazing!
  6. Lots of pretty I might have stolen that saying off someone
  7. Love this. I don't suppose it is anywhere near Moel Famau, as I am off there tomorrow
  8. I like the interior shots. The stripes on the seats are quite mesmerising
  9. Awww....an explore is an explore though
  10. It needs cropping a bit ........but that is lovely
  11. Very nice
  12. Nice one This mass hasn't been there either. I have always liked the look of it. I love all the pots piled up. I am sure we tried once, years ago, but didn't like the look of the only access we could find.....or maybe that was somewhere else and my elderly brain is failing me.....anyhoos......I ain't been here and I am sorry I haven't been here as it still looks darned good!
  13. Not my favourite style of architecture but sad to see a grand building being so badly damaged
  14. Nice one
  15. I like that a lot