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  1. A hill with a mill. december 2015

    Lovely job WD... I already have a passion for half buried old stuff as it is, but in a foggy woodland! Muah-ha-ha... says I, Excellent work!
  2. T'other side of the Ridge

    Excellent 'Turd Polishing' pics squire... Pity your comparison shots show the ingress of Dickheads rather than the progress of Derp! Mr. Snapt looking smashed as usual!
  3. North Wales Asylum October.

    That makes 2 of us squire, by the looks of the place it's gonna have to be soon. Well done for decent splore, and excellent first report young lass... Look forward to more of the similar. Mr Blober... first hospital as in birth or committed ?
  4. The Home of Grandpa Mole (Part 2)

    Basically.... Photobucket! =
  5. The Home of Grandpa Mole (Part 2)

    I have a foot where my "Leg-Ends!" Yeah I know... That's because, without warning 'Photo-F**k-it' decided it no longer wanted to be the "FREE" image hosting site it had always been. So some heartless money grabbing corporate C*** not only put an annual subscription charge of $399!!! on new and existing users. But also hijacked EVERY single image ever uploaded to the web, even those uploaded when it was still free! Which IMHO is a form of corporate cyber crime. As when I, and everyone elses images that have been blocked were using the free hosting version at time of web upload!! Blogs, ebay, forums etc that have images uploaded via p/bucket all display the same RANSOM DEMAND!!! Yeah, yeah... Flickr I hear you yell! Had a Flickr account for years but found the other site easier (plus I forgot my login and didn't have a Yahoo email) Sorry to rant on chaps and chapessessss but ALL my previous reports on Ukx are now FECKED! So, Photobucket... May you wither and die, burn in Hell, get run over by a steam roller... Then stung by a wasp! Feck Y'all MOFO's Hope that answers your question Mr Pig sir.
  6. Greek townhouse

    Excellent report and top shots there squire. Never been myself and if Mrs Blacksnake should ever get wind of the plentiful supply of derp, then I never will! It took all my cunning to convince her that Normandy was a holiday resort!!
  7. The Home of Grandpa Mole (Part 2)

    You forgot Legend!
  8. Your Night Time Shots

    Been itching to do some dark o'clock photography since getting wangle lens and remote (cheers Mr. Tbolt). These curse-d long days of summer mean I'm usually a smidge over the DD limit by dark o'clock, and shifts at work have failed to align. Until last week that is, when the roster Gods had me on a 2230hrs start. So, thanks to Google Maps I found a scary dark, and I mean... "SCARY DARK!" Gonna go home without my camera/virginity footbridge over the M62.... I know motorway light trails are far from original, just summit I wanted to try is all. Then, from a scary dark, tied up in the back of Snapt's van type bridge.... To a M-Way bridge bathed in light....... Thanks for looking and goodnight...
  9. Hulme Hippodrome, Manchester - September 2017

    Good stuff squire Fraggs.... No dry bumming from squatters a bit disappointing, but quality pics make up for it!

    Nice one squire
  11. Life Blood!

    Thanks chaps, wasn't 100% on weather my mooch justified a report. And yes Mr Smart-ass they had boats back then, they had sails and pirates and everything!
  12. Life Blood!

    Back in THE day, the docks of Liverpool were often referred to as 'The Lifeblood' of the city. Alas, in MY day Liverpool's Docklands had long since fallen into rack and ruin, and were more of a cancer than a life blood! Recent re-developments of the likes of the Albert Dock and some remaining warehousing around West Waterloo Dock being refurbished into ridiculously expensive housing, the famous Stanley Dock boasts the Titanic Hotel and the Tobacco Warehouse is being converted as we speak are going someway to not only revitalize but to preserve some very important buildings after so many have been laid waste over the years. Me, well I've always looked to my left when on Regent (The Dock) Road, towards the river. Snatched glimpses through the gates in the ominous Dock Wall left me intrigued. So, when I was a great deal younger (Shut it!) me and my mates went for an explore down the docks. Unlike today, back in the 80's, from the cruise ship terminal (Whoop) all the way to, and beyond the swing bridge was, what I can only describe as derelict. We explored unchallenged what I now think back on as a very, very dangerous environment for kids our age. 50' drops into empty dry docks or plunging into very deep water filled dock basins or falling 60' off the wall into the River Mersey was, it seems acceptable back then! Not, however today.... After many, many failed attempts I had a 'Feck It!' moment and just did a Sweeney style drive in past the Secca hutch and over one of the two remaining bridges that link land to outer dock area. Clarence Graving Dock.... How I remember it from back in the day! The last ship to use the dock. And today. Now for the "Over the Bridge" stuff... The "Victoria Clock Tower" better known as the 'Dockers Clock' designed and built by Jesse Hartley in 1848 is now G II listed. Despite (empty) promises to refurbish it from land owners Peel Holdings the tower and surrounding docklands remain to date, derelict. Alas... Access to the tower was thwarted.... But, watch this space.......... A bit shit I know, but more (much more) to come..........
  13. (None-Pikey) Funfair

    Still getting to grips with the new kit.... A 'Spinning flashy-light thingy' was too hard to resist. Plus, on the Blue-Toothing of above images to the rides (None-Pikey) manager I get FREE RIDES for life! Result....
  14. (None-Pikey) Funfair

    Sorry squire... My BAD! Re-phrase to "Temporary Traveler"