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  1. Whats Your Camera

    Another one for Canon over here, 80D with a Sigma 17-50 F2.8 / EF-S 10-18 / EF 50 Prime 1.8. And im thoroughly enjoying it! Recent upgrade from Canon's EOS M + M3 .. Mirrorless jobbies which were fantastic little camera's paired with the EF-M 11-22 Len's... Oh and a Canon EOS 100F for the odd day i feel like shooting film.
  2. The Lower School

    Cracking looking place, I love the 4th picture .. simplistic yet paints such a vivid picture, You can sort of imagine the surrounding area and atmosphere... Or is it just me? Lovely report anyway
  3. Permanite Asphalt - Matlock - 7/17

    Hello, What history i have been able to find - Permnite asphalt are " Uk Manufacturer of Bituminous Roofing Membranes, Green Roof systems and Hot melt systems for Flat roofing " They where owned by the IKO group, Unfortunately that's about all i have! No accurate closure dates or anything. The explore - Visited this place twice this year and thruth be told i could happily go again tomorrow, There isnt loads here but the few bit's that do remain are what make this so intresting.. the bay for loading trucks, The Bitchumen tanks that were clearly left with some tar like substance remaining as it's flowed out and has set in it's place, the large mixing tank type things in the warehouse. It's an average size site with a nice mix or indoor / outdoor. Quite popular so expect to bump in to people / Yobs Pictures Thank you for taking the time to read, Jamie

    There are some bloody lovely Window's / Masonry surround, Fireplace and such. Captured well, Nice one.
  5. Scout mine rossendale July 2017

    Nice photo's, Never done any underground stuff but things like this do convince me im missing out on something.
  6. Holmewood, Frozen food shop - JAN 17

    Cheer's folk's, I appreciate it!
  7. Cromford garden centre - MAR17

    Cheer's folk's, I appreciate it!
  8. Brook park - Office block - JUL17

    Cheer's folk's, I appreciate it!
  9. John smedley factory - Cromford - DEC16

    Cheer's folk's, I appreciate it!
  10. Brook park - Office block - JUL17

    Hello, What little history i have been able to findGrade II listed former " Office headquarter's " For the main buildings, While i was here i bumped in to the owner of the smaller buildings who was a lovely bloke but had very little to offer in term's of history of the place! The exploreHave been eyeing this place up for months but whenever i find the time for an explore this one was always forgotten about, So when it came back to me early one morning i decided it had to be done now or i would never get around to it. Next to nothing left inside, Average condition and made for a reasonable space to wander. Pictures Thank you for reading, - Jamie and Kerry
  11. Cromford garden centre - MAR17

    Hello, What little history i have been able to findCromford garden centre was forced to close it's door's in may 2009 over " Financial pressure " .The exploreI discovered this completely by accident as i needed to find somewhere off the main road to repair a bicycle puncture, I have actually visited this place twice as the first time the heavy rain cut our fun short which turned out to be a good thing as it's quite local and i needed somewhere to " Trial run " my new camera, So off we went to finish what we had started. So i packed my stuff up early Saturday morning and went for a mooch about. There are a few buildings i couldnt actually gain entry to, But i still found this quite a fun explore. Pictures Thank you for reading, - Jamie and Kerry
  12. Hello, What history i have been able to findJohn Smedley was founded in 1784 at Lea Mills, Matlock, Derbyshire by Mr. John Smedley and Mr. Peter Nightingale. This is labelled " The worlds oldest manufacturing factory " .The exploreThis is only a partial explore of what must be a part of the building being demolished / refurbed as the rest of the factory appears to still be in use. Quite small and not agreat deal in there bar a few pictures and kitchen. Pictures Thank you for reading, - Jame and Kerry
  13. Hello, Been members for a while but have failed to report anything, With a few under our belts we thought we would upload a few.. so here goes!What history i have been able to findNil - Actually.... From what i can recall (Seem to remember taking my grandad here year's ago!) It was your average discount frozen food type place, Could be compared to " Jack foultons ". Must of been closed around 5-6 Year's or so.AccessRecently been re-sealed. The exploreSo I've visited this place alone having drove past it a few times.. i drove past one Sunday morning and noticed someone had recently knocked the front door down.. Too good'a opportunity to miss! Turned out to be pretty average at best, not much left and everything was pretty trashed or burned, But that's how it goes i guess.So i went back and grabbed my camera gear, Then headed off for a bumble round. Pictures Thank you for reading, - Jamie and Kerry!