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  1. Visited with @GK_WAX another early morning start to the first location that we wanted to do but didn't turn out as planned. Due to security and a rather large German Shepard dog chasing us back over the fence. A close call but we will leave that place for another time. The back to the car and of to TG green pottery.quite a large site in a bit of a mess but still some nice features. There was also a couple of barn owls but didn't manage to get a photo of them so here's a few photos I got and a bit of history.. A proud history T.G. Green was founded by Thomas Goodwin Green back in 1864. Rumour has it that he bought up an existing pottery factory while he was on his honeymoon with his new wife, Mary Tenniel, the sister of Punch and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrator Sir John Tenniel. One of the companies most popular lines has always been Cornishware which was first produced in 1924. It was created using a nifty lathe-turning technique that scraped blue slip away from its beautiful ceramics to reveal white bands of clay beneath. Those stripes reminded an employee of the blue skies and white-crested waves of Cornwall, which is how Cornishware got its name. Iconic design
  2. What you doing with them fucking knobs hell on earth lol
  3. Visited with @dangle_angle one morning before work. We had a heads up on this one so not being to far away we thought a little look was in order for the day. There isn't any history on the house because it's just a house well not any that I could find. And it doesn't have a name so I'll just call it the axe house has there was a few around the place. A nice big place with a grand entrance hallway. And lots of wood. Ok so here's a few photos I took ...
  4. Having a rest in the AR house Wales
  5. I remember once going to daves aquarium but this doesn't ring any bells must have been a diffrent place.
  6. Vested with @GK_WAX and @dangle_angle and non member dylan. It was on our Welsh tour we visited this very small chapel not much to see there and in quite a mess it's made from corrugated sheet metal. And didn't have your traditional benches but green canvas chairs. I don't know the name of the church. So here's a few photos...
  7. I think your reports drowned
  8. The old Speke airport Liverpool
  9. Ok I'll join in..
  10. Why!!!
  11. So basically you want to drive into a derelict building to photograph your car.
  12. Is guy in the caravan still camping up at the side of the main entrance
  13. Your getting about a bit. I found this place to be a little weird.
  14. Nice photos