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  1. And beards sir........
  2. really rather good sir thanks for posting WB
  3. I didn't much care for this place but felt that I should have done I think the welsh weirdness had started to get to me by this point It's a stunningly beautiful country but ......weird, weird, weird
  4. I have no pics of this place only a bad memory of a shit explore Good pics though frags I have to say
  5. Well that's just chuffing splendid This is also a nice place to enjoy an overpriced cheese and onion roll from the coop. (other retail outlets are available).
  6. 10? You can't give a 10 sir?
  7. Well done sir nice pics everyone
  8. Nice shots Mr pig
  9. excellent work
  10. I bet fraggs was driving it!
  11. Top work and I think that leak in the bog may have got a bit worse Thanks for posting