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  1. Fallen Nemesis 08/17

    Cheers all I am pleased with my new toy
  2. Fallen Nemesis 08/17

    I bloody loved it. Even if had to pick Snapt up every ten minutes after he fell over.

    Nice work matie but that really is fecked innit? Liking the pics pigment.
  4. Fallen Nemesis 08/17

    So here's the thing, we all have one don't we? No Snapt not one of those! I'm talking about a Nemesis. Snapt's is a certain place in Liverpool and no matter what happens it just never goes well, even when it's open to all poor Mr Snapt just cant do it. Well this place is mine, well was mine. Fraggs has been in, Snapt has spent so much time here that when it sold he had to pay capital gains tax and even the legendary Judderman has been here three weekends in a row I'm told. It's not that it's hard...anyone with a pair of eyes can see the access it's just always so fecking busy when I turn up!!!! Well I'd had enough I was getting in come what or who may, I was a man on the edge, I was going in this day. Some history, stolen of course (yes I know it's been done before and I don't care) (not the stealing the hist....you get the picture) This is the former William Ridgway Tools factory site. William Ridgway and Sons company of Sheffield, manufacturers of augers, bits, wood-boring and motorising tools, was founded in 1878 and became a Private company in 1909, these works were founded in the 1930s. William Ridgway Tools merged first of all with Record Tools in 1974 to form Record Ridgway Tools Ltd. Record were another Sheffield company who were renowned for the quality of their vices and industrial clamps. Following the merger Record Ridgway Tools Ltd was made up of 14 UK Companies with 5 overseas companies. A later merger with a woodwork tools company called Marple (which was part-owned by Record and Ridgeway respectively before their original merger) led to the company becoming known as Record Marples Tools. Record Marples was taken over by the Swedish hardware manafacturer AB Bahco in 1982. Despite a management buyout leading to the company reverting to British ownership in 1985 the company struggled financially and following administration was acquired by U.S. based Irwin Tools in 1998 who have since moved production to China in recent years. So I turned up early, I mean really early, I rose from the bolt hole (did you like what I did there?) at a fragglehunter stunning 03.16 and set off. I met Snapt at the coffee procurement outlet know as Mccyd's (other much better outlets are available) and we headed off after what he described as breakfast but I've still not decided exactly what to call it. The old fella's knees were playing up but it mattered not as he had a levitation device and, as wise man once said "f*** me with a fish fork" we were in. It had been slain without so much as a whimper. Enough b/s on with some pics. Enough fecking around on the roof And that's it, done as easy as that! It was time to leave this strange place called Yorkinshirecester and head back to Gods' country at full speed a very happy little urbexer. 9/10 from me on this Ijust wish it wasn't about to dissapear for ever to be replaced by folk with beards and skinny jeans. Thanks for looking .
  5. Edlington to Conisborough Tunnel 14/08/17

    I insist on nothing less sir
  6. The Old Docks

    Very deep glasshopper
  7. Boeing 747 Breakers yard

    I like that it's a bit different is that. Top work.
  8. Edlington to Conisborough Tunnel 14/08/17

    I have found some history for you on another site Not a great deal of History is available for this tunnel/culvert which runs from the Edlington & Warmsworth area to the outskirts of Conisbrough. The line was supposedly build to transport water from the Thrybergh Reservoir, through Denaby & Conibrough to Edlington and maybe through to Doncaster. Obviously this report is just concerning the "Known" Culverted section. The first time it appeared on a map was in 1892. The tunnel runs for approximately 1290 yds ? (although it seems much longer as you progress along it) has 4 air-shafts (which are all visible) and consists of different methods of construction. Some sections are your typical Red Brick formed arch sections whereas other have been driven straight through the limestone deposits that frequent the local area which have no man made supports at all. Other sections have obviously been constructed via the "Cut & Cover" standard tunnel technique and the brick support walls have a 3/4" rusting steel cover plate with the spoil back-filled onto it. The Cast iron water pipe that runs through the tunnel is approximately 2FT in diameter and made of around 10Ft lengths. Around 2/3rds of the original pipeline remains following some it obviously vanishing along with any steel fittings Access is very restricted too those of a certain disposition which makes you wonder how the heavy cast pipes were removed.....bloody strong metal Fairies in Yorkshire Surprisingly it"s in very good structural condition for it"s age (unlike me) apart from the infilled section around the air shafts & the odd subsidence type blowing of some walls. Although it does make you wonder about Farmer Giles driving over your head in his big heavy tractor as you shuffle under the plated sections Stolen from Acid Reflux thanks you kind sir
  9. Chain Home Radar base Loth Scotland

    Squeezing into small holes will always get you in trouble
  10. Edlington to Conisborough Tunnel 14/08/17

    You have too now, you made it a thing So it's like Urbex video law or something
  11. Edlington to Conisborough Tunnel 14/08/17

    I have a challenge for you I want you to go in wearing only Snapt's thong and see how many spiders you can get to bite your nipples in ten minutes
  12. The Nuba Survival

    Nice pics I've always wanted to see this but it's so fecking far away from gods country!!! It should've been done up't north. Nice work.
  13. The Old Docks

    Now it has to be said that the first two derps were ......well a bit plop so I didn't hold out much hope for this 3rd and last place. Upon a ninja like entry onto the ground floor we found that it was in fact............well a bit plop to be honest so we went up to the 1st floor and believe it or not it was.........well a bit plop as well, but being the true profeshniols that we is we pushed on to the next floors and found.........that they were fecking fanchuffingtastic We were now in derp-graff-stairwell heaven We enjoyed ourselves so much that Snapt even found it in himself to play with some local weed smoking children by pretending to be a scary monster and to be honest they just largely ignored us completely because they didn't see the well used shovel leant up round the corner but at least we had a good chuckle. My bottom has nearly recovered from my life choice of the that day now so I reckon another month or so and it'll all be reet again. Cheers for looking in and i'm going 7.5/10 on this I really liked this last place.
  14. Stonking stuff young skywalker..... sorry fragglehunter, top pics sir. How is the young beer swilling Damon?
  15. Exploring Abandoned Ivy Farm Manor | CARS FOUND

    thats proper fecked is that!!!! thanks for sharing sirs