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  1. Pole Position - 2017

    Greetings Taz, Nicely shot video but a little long mi thinks sir. Thanks for posting and nice to hear from you again.
  2. Cigar Factory, Belgium - April 2017

    How chuffing splendid. Really liking that. Thanks for posting.
  3. [Netherlands] Abandoned Military Barracks

    I do like a good military mooch. Top work.
  4. Campers no More

    Rather like this little unknown bit of derpistory
  5. Chapels, a bit like Buses - June 2017

    As I said in ickle Welsh chapel, a tune up can be arranged
  6. Ickle Welsh Chapel - June 2017

    This can be arranged for your next one chuck.
  7. Nobody at T' Mill!

    Fecking nice work Like that lots not lots.
  8. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [pic heavy]

    Excellent little mooch and excellent photos sir. Thanks for posting up.
  9. a mansion in darkness october 2017

    Bloody nice work waveyperson person.
  10. Cam Warehouse 06/17

    Rather like it Thanks for posting
  11. Prison Of War

    Lol Ahhhhh that sort of cockend Lol
  12. The Visit.

    I like this WB Top work matie and excellent pics
  13. Prison Of War

    Excellent looking place and pics sir. What sort of cockend wouldn't like a place as nice as this?
  14. Auschwitz

    This is an excellent pic mate. It somehow conveys the utter depravity of what happens when human beings lose all humanity. Brings a lump to my throat.
  15. Llanberis reserve boom stores October 2016

    Although I do like the look of this and Wales is a beautiful place for reason that shall never be spoken of I have decided to never enter that country ever again. Top report waveyperson.