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  1. Grain Elevator

    this is excellent sir
  2. Abandoned Colliery, Warwickshire

    Hi and welcome from Hinckley. I had ignored this place previously cos i thought it was all gone and sealed up. Time to put it back on the "to do" list
  3. Bee Boles

    i hadnt heard of bee boles either, until i was researching some identical ones, they are also called "Skeps", you sometimes see rectangular ones built into large stone walls, often people dont give em a second glance
  4. Bee Boles

    A chance find at the side of the road. From old OS maps i found the name....this is all that remains of causeway hall DSCF1465 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF1472 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr It looks like the rectangular chambers were some sort of cold stores but wether they were inside the hall or were out-houses i do not know. what caught my eye though was the three arched chambers just next to the store rooms. I know these to be bee boles, they were used to shelter bee hives during bad weather. Early bee hives were made of wicker and werent particularly waterproof. As honey was a commodity of some value they were often built near to the household where the hives could be protected from sweet toothed thieves. DSCF1473 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF1475 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF1468 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Taa for lookin
  5. Its all bin a bit quiet here recently, (maybe the short days and fecking cold weather play a part in this), so heres someat from a few months ago on a quiet and sunny bank holiday afternoon. After a drive around the local area in search of somewhere to park, and failing, we decided to drive straight up the drive to this site. Bizzarrely we could park easily here. One of the first things to catch my eye was the abundance of bunnies taking advantage of the peacefulness and chasing each other around the well maintained lawns. DSCF6317 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr A peacefulness shattered, however, every few minutes by the sound of jet planes flying overhead as they came in to land. DSCF6319 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr The main building here is quite a sight, looking more like a huge country mansion rather than a hospital DSCF6388 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr But we werent here to see that.... following the road around the grounds and along a straight avenue of large trees it feels like a country park, the squizzles bark their alarm call upon seein us ,and im sure one cheeky sod threw an acorn at me. We passed several small buildings in various states of decay, all sealed. As we found the path leading off to our target we hear the sound of a howling woollaf. Yep, woollaf, and we turn to see what looks like a tennis court (but is probably a secure compound). Standing at the fence staring straight at us is a patient howling away and drawing attention to us paying attention to the fencing blocking our path. Quickly circumnavigating the fence (we went round it) and ducking out of the wolfmans line of sight we were just in time to catch a glimpse of two foxes trotting away and vanishing silently into the hedgerow.. There have been many reports of this place and they all seem to give a good history of the hospital, unfortunately this building hidden behind a fence and undergrowth is of a much later date and is not shown on early OS maps.Most of the information available seems to relate to the original buildings so I can find nothing specific about this buildings history. I can tell you that its a burnt out shell and pretty trashed.. That said it was a nice relaxing mooch with little effort required Perfect for a bank holiday afternoon. DSCF6331 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6348 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6350 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6360 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6373 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6370 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6365 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6354 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6357 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6335 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Thanks for looking guys

    Love this
  7. "the cottage" october 2017

    i can say with some certainty that we didnt die. Unusually, that was the only graffiti we saw in the whole place
  8. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    the torture chair DSCF6848 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6862 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
  9. "the cottage" october 2017

    i found this place near to another sploor, unfortunately it was after i got home. Somehow we, once again, set off late and were going to be lucky to get there before sunset and to make matters worse it was shitty outside and already quite dark. Having only seen this on streetview we had no idea what we'd find. We arrived just before sunset and the first thing we see is a brand new fence and the usual signs warning of security patrols. As if i give a damn. A few feet up the road and i find a gap in the hedge, and tackling the deep ungrowth i head round the back. Before i get there i discover an open door in an old barn. The barn led me straight into the courtyard/ farmyard where access to everywhere else was easy. After a quick look in the first building i emerge to find my other half had found a more dignified way in by walking straight round the edge of the fence instead of diving through a hedge I can find absolutely nothing about the history of the place other than it is labelled as "The Cottage" in old OS maps. In actual fact it appears to be a farm. And the cottage looks more like a manor house although i soon discover -A) It is 2 properties. It does look like they may have been connected in the past then split into 2 some time later -B) It is NOT abandoned! Even though this place looks derelict one of the properties has had loads of work done including new roof timbers, new flooring, refurbished stairs and a whole host of studded wall timbers ready for plasterboarding . Some of the outbuildings have had new roof timbers but as yet the tiles have not been replaced. It looks like as much as possible original materials have been reused which may imply that the building is listed. Its nice to see that this place is going to be saved and the work done so far looks of a decent standard. There was no evidence of any builders working at the minute so i hope its only a temporary pause. DSCF6851 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6843 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6879 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6861 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6862 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6867 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6864 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6871 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6848 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6882 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6889 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6879 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr thanks fer lurking
  10. A hill with a mill. december 2015

    Thanks guys, you say the nicest things
  11. St Athans.

    never heard of this place but wouldnt mind a nosey......on a dry day though.
  12. North Wales Asylum October.

    this is the first time i ever heard of anyone visiting and not seeing any secca or popo, have wanted to visit here for ages. such a shame to see how ruinous it has become. great work with the pics
  13. another from my facebook archives Tucked away behind the houses in a small village are a couple of mills. The village, famous for its main road (the longest continuous gradient in the country) which is part of the tour de Yorkshire. It is also known for being the home of the infamous “crag vale coiners”, who were some of the most prolific coin forgers of the day. Their notoriety was to be their downfall when the government sent a customs and excise officer to investigate. The officer was brutally murdered and arrests were made resulting in the capture and execution of the ring leader. With such a colorful history it’s a shame I could find nothing relating to the mills in this village. Abandoned long ago and now mostly ruins half buried in the valley, I cant help but wonder if any of the gang of forgers worked there. I came here after finding a solitary photo on the net and after some searching I found the location and some nice little features. I must revisit here to investigate the remaining mill wall on the opposite river bank where a stone staircase lies almost buried and seemingly leading nowhere. The fog that hadn’t cleared all day had started to get denser and so at that point we headed off home. Upstream, a leat runs parallel to the river and leads to a very silted up lodge DSCF1614 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF1605 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr The wheelpit. DSCF1635 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr A private dwelling and auto-breakers occupy the site where a mill once stood. However to supporting arches still span the river, a mill building would once have spanned these arches DSCF1631 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr On the opposite bank the outside wall of the mill showing that it was a decent size with at least 2 floors DSCF1632 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr And next to it this staircase DSCF1647 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Further downstream this is what I came to see crag vale5 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr I suspect this isn’t an original wheel although it certainly has some age, and it looks nice crag vale6 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Nearby are various other features that relate to what was once a paper mill, features including culverts, engine beds and the base of a gasometer crag vale4 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF1663 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF1680 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr crag vale3 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr This path leads to the main road from the mill and gives a good indication of how busy the mills were in their heydey. Erosion like that certainly doesn’t happen overnight crag vale by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr As always, thanks fer lookin
  14. T'other side of the Ridge

    great shots as usual sir, love the march shot of the notice board and the window shot with the 94 thingy in it
  15. more cheez pleez, july 2017

    We decided to check out this location as it was near enough to do in a workday evening, and, well, why not? We knew it wasn’t going to be fantastic as its been empty since the early 2000s and suffered an horrific fire in 2012 leading to the demolition of a major part of it. Once upon a time (1987 actually) this was a dairy producing stilton cheese, one of only four main suppliers to the UK. I guess that Stilton isn’t as popular as they’d hoped and they struggled to make a profit at any time until in 1999/2000 they were acquired by another major dairy who invested heavily on new equipment designed to increase capacity and improve quality. However this plan failed causing the exact opposite to happen. In 2003 production was moved to another plant and an injunction was taken out preventing any other venture from producing cheese on that site. In 2008 another market supplier was set to merge with the failing business but im not sure if this happened as a report was filed with the office of fair trading leading to an investigation into whether the market share of cheese supplied by this company broke rules of competition, (monopolies etc) Easy access, always a bonus, more left than I expected, again a bonus. On closer inspection it was soon apparent that a lot of the remaining building had some serious fire damage. The heat from the fire was so intense as to melt the girders/ I-beams that made up the frame of the building leaving them twisted and bent. Throughout the site there was evidence of smoke and fire, and much of the roof is had it. Still, there were some interesting features left …… Thanks to Angels05astra for the heads up on this one DSCF5790 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Oh look, some stairs DSCF5795 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Open plan DSCF5799 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF5814 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Outdoors indoors DSCF5817 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF5822 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF5832 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Bendy beams DSCF5830 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF5858 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF5845 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF5841 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF5859 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF5828 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Thanks fer lookin