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  1. Your Night Time Shots

    heptonstall DSCF1228 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF1065 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr My first ever long exposure shot. The M62 from Scammonden bridge DSCF3480 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr thanks for looking
  2. Exploring Abandoned Ivy Farm Manor | CARS FOUND

    Gone downhill even more since I was there last year. There was 5 cars left originally I believe. The one out back is a Humber sceptre. Thanks for sharing
  3. Dorothea Quarry.

    Great stuff. Love these old places where nature is reclaiming everything
  4. Thanks to Jamieandkerry for the heads up on this one. we couldnt find much history on this place either other than it had various names other than Permanite asphalt from around 1988 until the liquidaters took over last year. There is no trace of the plant on the old OS maps but it does appear to have at least two stages of development. The older part appears to have been involved with a cement type material or powdered rock, possibly as an aggregate to mix with the asphalt. A narrow gauge rail system was used at one time but the later buildings which contain the large vats of tar appear to have been built on top of the tracks Having decided to visit this place, sis asked, "what footwear do i need this week? Should i wear my wellies?". "Nah", said i. "Should all be dry underfoot". Soon after we were heading off up the M1. Having made a mental map of the area we arrived at sainsburys carpark in little over an hour later and headed off up the hill towards Cawder quarry. A short time later it was apparent that my mental map was flawed and the one clear route was actually two, and we'd taken the wrong path. A path that had turned into boggy undergrowth and trees and no sign of industry anywhere. At which point i was sternly reminded that i said there was no need for wellies and that i should refer to good old google maps and get us on the right track, or else! A quick scout ahead revealed a dirt track and i confidently announced that i knew where to go and sure enough we soon arrived at the site. All was forgiven. Access was no issue, with no fencing and no secca . First port of call was the reception area. This was trashed and had little or nothing of interest to look at. Surprisingly this was not an indication of what the rest looked like. Most of the interesting stuff was remarkably intact with little graffiti although typically few windows remained unbroken. Having left the car at about 8.30 we knew we were racing against the setting sun........... Arrival DSCF6144 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Trashed DSCF6146 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr I do like a good pipe DSCF6153 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr the elevator motor DSCF6158 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr the elevator DSCF6160 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6161 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr narrow gauge rails DSCF6163 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr one of several turntables DSCF6162 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr this section was fascinating DSCF6164 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr this lift type thing moved horizontally and not vertically DSCF6166 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6167 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6170 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6176 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Squatters DSCF6177 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6179 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6183 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6188A by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr dunno what this is but i want one DSCF6191 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6196 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Laboratories DSCF6201 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6202 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6205 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Light was fading fast DSCF6216 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6221 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6233 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Strange clouds DSCF6226 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr AAAAAAAAARGGGHHH, Alien invasion DSCF6241 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Almost pitch black we picked our way back along the route we shouldve arrived by. We spotted this on a large metal tank, Maggie Thatcher i think? DSCF6242 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr We arrived back at the car to eat an expertly prepared (by sis) packed lunch before heading back down the motorway feeling very satisfied with our midweek mooch and full bellies. Thoroughly enjoyed this place! Thanks for looking
  5. Feniscowles ,Oct 2016

    After my other half sprang it on me that we had to go to Preston to pick up some eBay purchase ,I thought I'd find somewhere nearby to check out an make a day of it. After finding a parking spot we waited for a lull in the traffic and hopped over the wall into the grounds of this privately owned ruin. Feniscowles hall was built in 1798 after William feilden bought the hamlet of Feniscowles. He lived here until his death in 1850 whereupon his son took over the household until 1877. He left after a lengthy court battle against local water authorities due to water pollution. A case he lost. He died only 2 years later. After failing to sell in 1903 the hall was used for various functions until it fell into disrepair in the 1930s. It has slowly crumbled away for over 80 years leaving only a few walls remaining above ground. After a very short while we soon noticed several holes in the ground and shining a light in we could see some very intact vaulted cellars. A bit nervous as it was my first foray underground I didn't examine all of them. After some research later I regretted this as there was more than I anticipated. As the light faded we headed off up the hill where we found the wall was somewhat higher from the inside. No probs for me but my other half had a spot of trouble and ended up tumbling over in a rather undignified manner, but that's exploring for ya. The gatehouse Holes in the ground leading to..... Various cellars Deeper inside... One last shot before heading home Found this shot of the complete house sometime in the 1800 Aaargh, soz about the duplicate can't seem to delete it. Thanks for looking
  6. In a dark dark wood.....august 2017

    it was getting dark (rapidly) when we left and Blair witch most definitely sprang to mind along with a touch of the evil deads. Not a place i'd like to spend the night
  7. For those who havent heard of tots tv, it was a childrens puppet based show in the early/ mid 90s. Made by Ragdoll productions the show was centred around a cottage in a secret woods where the 3 main characters (Tilly, Tom and Tiny) lived. The show ceased production after 276 episodes over 8 series. Most people would think that the cottage was just a studio set, and they would be partly correct. It was specifically built for the show in a small wood rented from a local farmer, the same place where Teletubbies was made, also by Ragdoll productions.. Many features are authentic and functional, such as the windows and fireplace, although much of the building behind the superficial facade is a workshop/ studio. The most notable difference however is the fact that the cottage is only about 2/3rds of full size making it more than a bit cosy inside. After nearly 20 years of abandonment this superficial building has survived fairly well considering how it was built but water has taken a toll and the thatched roof has long gone. The woods have steadily enclosed the cottage and parts are almost totally overgrown. In fact, the woods are so dense and dark that we could barely see the place. and it has developed a rather creepy evil dead type of vibe. Maybe the remoteness and elusiveness of this site have kept away the idiots and thieves that plague places like this. This is the first place ive been in for a while that hasnt been on fire and there is no graffiti anywhere. Even the electric cables are still there along with a few other remnants. Glad i managed to find the place (after much research) and glad it wasnt trashed but the fact remains that it was only ever a temporary building and built as such so it wont take many more winters before the remains of this cute little cottage submit to mother natures onslaught. DSCF6101 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6104 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6080 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6081 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6086 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6083 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6085 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6094 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6116 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6118 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6123 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6130 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr thanks for looking
  8. Extwistle Hall, July 2017

    i parked at the entrance to the farm road nr the house on the bend, then walked down farm road. my other half stayed in car. Im always in a quandary about where to leave the car without arising suspicion and keeping it safe too

    liking dis loads!
  10. A drop of Baileys, July 2017

    Not sure exactly where you mean. There was a smaller building next to one with the bridge but didn't get in. I saw a laddery thing against the wall but it looked a stretch to reach window above. I think the stair tower was demolished. Not sure if there is another set
  11. Twin gunners, July 2017

    Yes mate I believe it is.
  12. A drop of Baileys, July 2017

    Geez mate, no I didn't know bout tuther explore. Only found this after taking wrong turn. Guess I was too distracted by this to notice anything else. Definitely gonna revisit! Thanks for the heads up
  13. Twin gunners, July 2017

    After getting drenched visiting the HAA Huddersfield site last year I thought a revisit (in the dry) was in order. Especially after learning of a second HAA site near Holmfirth. The Huddersfield site is a fine example of a WW2 anti aircraft gun emplacement being as complete as you are likely to find anywhere, a shame the farmer uses it to store manure/ sillage. Fortunately on this visit I was able to pick my way through the stinky swamp to reach the elusive ammo store although a tentative step inside proved to be a step too far with my boot going deeper than you'd ever want .But at least, balancing on something relatively solid I could see inside for once, and judging by the watermark on the wall we visited at the right time cos it looks like it easily gets a couple of feet deep in there. After a battle through the nettles and thistles I reached the central bunker and a few shots later we were off down the road. The site at Holmfirth couldn't be more different with only a small section remaining at the edge of a farmer's field. The partitioned sections make me think this part was ammo storage but it's only a guess and unfortunately the lush grass in the field hid any trace of the rest of this site The bunker at Huddersfield.... The elusive ammo store Into the mire I'm always in the shit, only the depth varies! Taken on our soggy visit 4 months ago, one of the gun positions The defended excrement filled trench that joins gun and ammo store A short distance away this tower looks worthy of a visit All that remains of HAA Holmfirth I hope this works cos I done it on my fone. Thanks for looking
  14. A drop of Baileys, July 2017

    Found this place whilst on route to another site and saw it after taking a wrong turn. A lot of demolition had taken place but there was still plenty to attract my attention. And with a gap in the fence immediately next to where i pulled up, how could i resist...... This is Bailey mill, built in 1863, then extended and modified several times over the next few years. Woollen and flannel materials were woven here and the business thrived for much of its life, until recievers took over in 1996, soon after the business was bought by another local mill and work continued until 2000 when the business was moved into the new owners premises leaving the mill empty. In 2016 a major fire occured (arson as usual) causing the main buildings floors to collapse. The outer walls were demolished as they were now unsafe. Thinking i wouldnt need it, i left my torch in the car (numbnuts). Guess what? I needed it. There was more inside than i expected, remnants of the mills production and various bits of ducting and pipework were still there and the building itself had some interesting features. Being much to lazy to go back to the car for my torch i didnt explore the doorways leading to pitch black areas. Maybe the stairs were through one of those doors, maybe ill go back and find out WITH my torch.... DSCF6042 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6001 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6002 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6004 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6007 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6008 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6010 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6013 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6014 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6015 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6018 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6023 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6025 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6028 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6031 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6033 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6034 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6039 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr DSCF6041 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr Thanks for looking
  15. The Lower School

    Lovin all your pics sir!