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  1. Greek townhouse

    First class Sir, love the pics, many thanks for sharing WB.
  2. Station Houses - Lincolnshire (Oct '17)

    Very nice explore, many thanks for sharing .WB.
  3. Exploring abandoned house and found THIS!

    Hi Rich, great explore, do think that room could have been used for devil worship.
  4. Old Bones.

    Thank you Sir, I do try and find out a bit of history, but very difficult. Thank you Sir, its a great place if you like the peace and quiet.
  5. Cam Warehouse 06/17

    Very nice report there, love pic no 7, many thanks for sharing .WB.
  6. Prison Of War

    Great looking explore there Sir, and first class job of the pics. many thanks for sharing, WB.
  7. The Visit.

    Hi Guys, many thanks for looking in, and really appreciate the comments, WB
  8. The Visit.

    Hi everyone I wouldn't say this was an explore, more of a visit. But I felt it worthy of a few pics. It was quite early Sunday morning when we pulled up outside, Mrs WB sat this one out, so I left her listening to Radio 4 and smoking her amber leaf. Though no longer in use. this church is cared for by , The churches conservation trust. and I feel if not for the trust, many churches would not be accessible. Hope you enjoy the pics. Thanks for looking in.
  9. Old Bones.

    Sunday morning saw WB walking along side the Stour Estuary, They had been a recent high tide so it was a bit soft under foot. I had been walking for about an hour when I came across this beauty. hope you enjoy the pics.
  10. Auschwitz

    Awesome image, have to agree with Tbolt and Snapt.
  11. Broken NCP

    Bloody good that Sir. pic no 5 is the dogs bits. Thank you Sir for bringing something different to the table. WB.
  12. The Brewery

    That is quality Sir, loving those pics. Many thanks for sharing. WB.
  13. My first photoshoot

    Rather like those pics. look forward to seeing some more. many thanks for sharing. WB.
  14. Lavino's infirmary sept 2017

    Cracking report there Sir, great job with the pics. many thanks for sharing WB.
  15. B Braun Medical Facility, SHEFFIELD 18/09/17

    Nice explore there, many thanks for sharing.