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  1. Many thanks Sir.
  2. Many thanks Sir, I'm no expert myself I think they are Kestrels. I'm not quite sure what went wrong when I put this report on, but the previous report came back to haunt me, more than once. Must apologise for any extra work I have caused you and the rest of the admin team. my only excuse its my brain. WB.
  3. Sunday morning saw WB walking along side the Stour Estuary, They had been a recent high tide so it was a bit soft under foot. I had been walking for about an hour when I came across this beauty. hope you enjoy the pics. Bonus shot. Hope you enjoy the pics, many thanks for looking in WB,
  4. Hi everyone, I first visited this place in 2015, most of it was gutted by fire, pleased to say no one was living there at the time. Missed a few bits last time, like the swimming pool in the back garden, but to my defence the garden is very overgrown and the cover over the pool was covered in leaves. Visited with non member big ears, and despite the massive hole in the fence managed to catch her foot and end up face down in the dirt, no damage done. Hope you enjoy the pics. Spot the swimming pool.
  5. Cracking report Sir, really like the pics, many thanks for sharing. WB.
  6. Fantastic report, really enjoyed the write up. 10/10 for the pics. many thanks for sharing. WB.
  7. Cracking stuff there Sir, rather like those pics.many thanks for sharing WB.
  8. Great pics. Many thanks for sharing. WB.
  9. What a cracking place, fantastic pics. many thanks for sharing WB.
  10. Nice pics.
  11. Cracking place, love the pics. many thanks for sharing WB.
  12. Cracking report Sirs. grand job pics. many thanks for sharing WB.
  13. A worthy winner, many congrats Sir.
  14. Quality shots Sir.
  15. Untitled.