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  1. North Wales Asylum October.

    Thanks! wanted to visit here for aaaaaages! luckily enough me and my boyfriend went on holiday to North Wales so got to see it
  2. St Athans.

    Worth it if you're down that way:)
  3. St Athans.

    Cheers! yep every explore ive managed to go on so far its been raining
  4. St Athans.

    Ah, long way then..
  5. St Athans.

    It's definitely worth the look, although not a huge place to explore. They have greased up all the gates as well as I found out when I went Are you local to St Athans?
  6. St Athans.

    Hi all, sorting through pictures on my laptop so I thought I would show you guys my first ever abandoned location from sometime late last year! Maybe you can guess where this is? My pictures aren't the best so bear with me!
  7. North Wales Asylum October.

    Ooooh and L yeah, my username bugged me so I changed it Oh no! I should of been warned earlier
  8. North Wales Asylum October.

    Lost an i??
  9. North Wales Asylum October.

    Shall let you know if im up that way again as its a 3 hour drive and I dont think ive driven my car more than 2 hours so might conk out But definitely worth a look, no security either!
  10. North Wales Asylum October.

    This has been my second explore. I've visited Boys Village in St Athans also Talgarth but never got into there as I just wanted to see the building. Weirdly yes, but its super interesting! More or less half of the buildings have the floor fallen through or the roofs smashed. Wow that was a long time! I'm from South Wales, was on holiday for the week so couldn't miss the opportunity
  11. North Wales Asylum October.

    Thanks! Will 100% be going back when I'm that way.
  12. North Wales Asylum October.

    Haha, thank you Yes its gone down hill since the last pictures ive seen. Easy to get into now though as they dont seem to care about people getting in. Spent a good 2 hours here but started to rain and wanted to keep dry so left early. Maybe ill go back if im ever back that way.
  13. Hi all, newish here! Never really posted anything just watched from the side lines so here's my first post enjoy! North Wales Asylum has been on my list of places to visit for a while. The asylum was completely abandoned in 1995 I think. Recently there's been fires causing more damage and the local people want the building demolished for good. Some of the buildings where fine some where completely destroyed.