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    propper bolloxed sir!

    i trod lightly didn't go up to the projection room the floor was way to dicey beyond that first bit. easy in and out though.

    THE HISTORY:- The Carlton Theatre is located in the Tuebrook district of Liverpool. It is located on a prominent corner site at Green Lane and West Derby Road and externally is an outstanding building, built with brick that has white stone trimmings over the windows. It opened on 11th June 1932 with Gene Gerrard in "My Wife’s Family". Built for an independent operator, at the time of opening it was Liverpool’s largest purpose built cinema. Seating was provided for 1,280 in the stalls and 668 in the circle. The side-wall decoration was rather plain apart from plaster cast leaping stags above the circle level, a design which was copied on the original screen curtains. The proscenium arch had wings containing a series of vertical gold ribs on each side, which were lit by concealed lighting. The theatre was equipped with a stage, and dressing rooms, a Christie 3Manual theatre organ and a cafe, which had a Chinese decorative treatment. It was taken over by Associated British Cinemas(ABC) from 12th June 1935. By the end of the 1950’s the cafe had closed and the space became the district offices for ABC. The Christie organ, which was played regularly into the mid-1950’s, had been sold and removed by the end of the decade. It was re-named ABC in December 1962 and continued until 22nd January 1972 when it closed for modernisation. The rear stalls under the circle was converted into a Painted Wagon pub, which had its own seperate entrance on West Derby Road. The circle was re-seated and re-opened with 636 luxury seats. The original proscenium and the side walls were covered with a curtain material and the front stalls area was left un-used. It re-opened on 27th March 1972 with Ali McGraw in "Love Story". In 1975, the ABC was only open for evening performances and it closed on 9th July 1980 with a John Travolta double bill "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever". However all was not quite lost as it re-opened the following day under a new name Carlton Cinema by an independent operator. Unfortunately, this was not to last long and final closure came on 4th December 1982 with Nastassia Kinski in "Cat People". The cinema has been empty and unused for the past 25 years and has become derelict, although the bar still remained open, now re-named the Lord Derby. The building was prepared to be demolished in May 2016, but by August 2017 it still stands. The Visit:- Stumbled upon this on the way home from a disappointing reece in liverpool. I love old theaters plenty character and the ghost of acts gone by! plus a bonus of a pub in the basement! all the seats had gone and it was a too risky to get to the projection room. massive stage the pub underneath pub side entrance 6.5/10 from me for this one
  4. The Old Docks

    great pics there. just goes to see if you look beyond the plop..... you grow roses!!
  5. Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship Monument, Varna - August 2017

    great explore and report sir most excellent!
  6. The Old Docks

    nice pics there sir, good report.
  7. FIRE'S OUT!

    cheers sir only stumbled on this when i took daughter roller skating a few sat ago. had a quick look then went back after dropped them off. bit of a fence then your in
  8. FIRE'S OUT!

    HISTORY- The rock fire station opened in 1965 as part of the lancashire fire brigade , in april 1974 it became part of the fledgling greater manchester borough , bury fire brigade became part of the greater manchester county fire service , the rock was the third fire fighting building to stand on the site . greater manchester fire and rescue services closed the station in 2012 after 45 years service to the people of bury and surrounding districts , the rock has now been replaced by a state of the art community fire station in magdalene road bury . the 5 bay station and headquarters remains abandoned and complete very near the town centre. Visit:- I noticed this closed a few weeks ago so decided to go late one sunday afternoon after a kids drop off. was a bit nervy as police use this for dog training. nothing left inside by the last firemen but a good little mooch. nice doggy! showers find the robber doggy!! the drying room the dancings finished! waiting for the bell! nice quick visit this 6/10 from me
  9. The Lower School

    now that is my kind of place loads to see great report great pics. fab!
  10. Herbal Remedies

    AND MR TBOLT YET TO VISIT! thanks for the tag though

    oh did you darling!
  12. ITALY

    an amazing place florence!
  13. ITALY

  14. Scottish Waulk Mill

    superb stuff in there. i also love the writing post

    HISTORY:- Built in 1902 it was originally named the Grand Junction Theatre and Floral Hall, but several years later became known as the Hulme Hippodrome. For many years it was the beating heart of musical and comedic entertainment. And it wasn’t just local celebrities, some of the world’s biggest stars, from the Beatles and Nina Simone to George Formby and Laurel and Hardy trod the boards. The Theatre was built as a home for melodrama and originally seated 3,000 when it first opened as the Grand Junction Theatre and Floral Hall in 1901. Both Theatres were connected by an arcade. The Theatre was renamed the Hulme Hippodrome in 1905 when it became a Music Hall. In 1942 the Theatre was renamed the Second Manchester Repertory Theatre. In 1950 the Theatre was refurbished and the Gallery was reopened. In 1962 the Theatre was converted for Bingo and Casino use, and then later became a nightclub which closed down in 1986. Sadly in 2016 the Hippodrome's decay was still in evidence, it's then owners, a church group called Deya Ministries, who had been holding services in the Theatre's foyer for some time, and had leased the Theatre to 'Youth Village' who were a not-for-profit group, planned to convert the Theatre into an arts centre and a hub for community groups across Manchester, but this seems to have stalled at in May 2016. THE VISIT:- Having looking at this for a long time it had been taken over by squatters. someone had been in touch with them and had been given access so off i went down to see if i could too get in. After an initial meeting and them seeing i wasn't bailiff's a nice young chap gave me the full tour from basement to rooftop! an amazing building shame going to waist. (very picture heavy i couldn't stop) battery room old generator bogs in the basement view from the stage cloakroom 9/10 from me for this mooch.