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  1. Herbal Remedies

    Been delaying reports for too long but now that college is over for me I have a lot more free time. Thanks to Tbolt for helping me find out some information from fragglehunter about the entry point. Not the entry point I imagined to get onto the site, however that wasn't the end as I had to walk all the way round the back and climb through some barbed wire fence, however it was worth taking the longer and safer way around. It was very strange walking around this site as being there during spring, there was plenty of leaves everywhere which was like being in the wrong season, but there is nobody there to clean it up and it being in a valley the leaves don't really get pushed around by the wind leaving them stuck there. This site was used for the manufacture of herbal remedies by "Potter's Herbals" which is still in business, but moved to a location that's just a ten minute drive away back in 2005. enjoy the photos and check out my instagram @AfterTheDustSettles