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    hi im kurt my interests are exploring,youtube,gaming,cars,amaerican football
  1. The Abandoned Hippodrone theatre

    thanks mate been using a stabilzer on my editing software
  2. The Abandoned Hippodrone theatre

    hello all i know alot of people are not really fan of the video side of things but i really like to videography as well now im not the best but i try to improve every week and trying to create my own style.
  3. Volkswagen beetle graveyard

    came across this amazing vw beetle graveyard which i loved because a beetle is my dream car it was also sad to see this place as the beetles here looked like they were two far gone pictures will be uploaded later in the photography thread
  4. North Wales mental asylum

    In today's video we are back at denbigh mental asylum after a year and joined by tracy explores https://www.youtube.com/user/tjmacdon... and exploring with boss https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCynP... I will always have a soft spot for denbigh and it was really hard to see it in that state.
  5. The Hippodrome

    haha sorry tbolt we failed 2 locations and this was a last resort theres a door bell round back yea i did do the basement just didnt take pics
  6. The Hippodrome

    the sqautters let us in lol
  7. The Hippodrome

    haha i get you now lol cheers for that matey and lol :DDDD
  8. The Hippodrome

    haha what does that mean
  9. The Hippodrome

    so this explore was a last restore explore after failing two others on the day and this location being given to us by a friend we thought we'd might as well check it out as we was only half hour away. After a unlucky day we finally got some luck when we got into this location. I have never explored a theatre before so when we got inside i was so excited and couldn't get over how stunning the place was. the architecture in the place is just amazing and we spent around 4 hours here which considering how small the place is was a long time haha. The Hippodrome was last used as a theatre in the 1960s; from the mid-1970s until its closure in 1988 it was used as a bingo hall. Since then most of the building has remained empty, and it has been placed on Manchester City Council's Buildings at Risk Register. it was a surreal experience to be in a building with such history and to stand on the same stage as so many of the great performers who performed there did such as The Beatles, Laurel and Hardy, and Nina Simone among other stars who performed at venue
  10. Abandoned Hospital

    thanks evil noodles
  11. Abandoned Hospital

    thanks mate truth is im finally starting to get my mojo back for photography again lost it for a while
  12. Abandoned Hospital

    I don't no really were to start with this report from what i could online this hospital closed in 2013 and i have to say this explore is probably my favourite from this year. I couldn't get over the size of this place we didn't no where to look first. the hospital itself is in quite good condition with not much vandalism only in some parts of the hospital. every hospital I've been to are pretty much trashed and just shells to my surprise this hospital still had quite a few bits of medical stuff left behind ever since i started exploring I've always wanted to photograph a operation lights and here i unexpectedly got to i was so happy lol now onto the pictures.
  13. Abandoned Boeing 747 (plane breakers yard)

    i do love aviation me mate
  14. Boeing 747 Breakers yard

    So in may i was lucky enough to be shown around a plane breakers yard so sort on not abandoned but i thought people would love to see it one of the many planes i got to see was this boeing 747 and i sort of have a love affair with 747s so had to do a report to show you all lol, the day was very interesting and i learn allot about these aircrafts and even managed to get given some parts of this 747 i was very happy :).