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  1. The Derp House

    Mr. Powski certainly knows how to do decent graf doesn't he. Nice pics and thanks for sending me here too the last one doesn't ring bells - I do hope I didn't miss that one when I went
  2. House Plants Quarry

    I rather like this place too
  3. Briefcase garden centre - MAR17

    I like that lots. I s it, as the name suggests, in Cromford ?
  4. Mill in't woods feb 2017

    I went through the floor at this death trap to about half way up my thigh. Scared the shit out of me !!!
  5. The Old Docks

    I rather like the look of that place and your pics chaps - nice job.
  6. Fallen Nemesis 08/17

    Superb photos Mr. Bolt and good report. I love, love, love this place. My third visit in 3 weeks was with Nurse Noodle .. I think I might have managed not to fall over, nor even hurt myself on my visits here. The graf in the place is of a very high standard indeed. I also wish it weren't about to be demo'd,
  7. Dorothea Quarry.

    I like this place too - visited with Ms. Noodle and Mr Ceejam back in the day, good old Dotty

    are you sure you don't mean Lesbians? I rather liked this place. You seem to have seen bits I haven't. Nice pics and report sir pig
  9. The Lower School

    nice place good report stonking pics nice work my son
  10. Exploring Abandoned RAF Church Fenton 31/07/17

    Same here. I also don't have the patience for videos as 98% of them tend to be very shit and / or over long.