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    urbex , oldskool and cocaine
  1. Hulme Hippodrome, Manchester - September 2017

    wow,, just wow !!
  2. Shaw Oldham

    get some needles and pierce them boards pal !! its in your mission to get this explored now lol
  3. Boeing 747 Breakers yard

    nice and miscellaneous this,, top work

  5. Scottish Waulk Mill

    awesome pal,, love the writtin on the post there
  6. Dorothea Quarry.

    awesome,, love where the trees grow through the door ,, top find,, like some cabin in the woods scenario
  7. Pokin around at Permanite, august 2017

    good stuff pal !
  8. Fallen Nemesis 08/17

    awesome as per
  9. The Old Docks

    absolute sick az fuck work there gents
  10. Permission Entry - Hall W

    like the the fish eye effect sir !
  11. CHAOS MANOR NOV 2016

    decay pornography them stairs
  12. Old Television House - November 2016

    brillaint shots,, the TV's win it
  13. absolute top marks T
  14. second time round.

    cool,, i double dare the 3rd time round to brush ya teeth there , gooo onnnnn