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  1. Exploring Abandoned Untouched Indian Restaurant

    Tetley's Smooth Flow? Tea on tap?
  2. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    Come on folks, why is it so quiet? I just bought a nice Cree head torch for my prize, will come handy when exploring!
  3. Greek townhouse

    Thanks for the comments, I just added those missing rooftop terrace photos. Imagine sitting there on a warm, summer night, sipping cocktail and snacking on olives and fresh fruit.
  4. Greek townhouse

    My pleasure, I can upload few random snaps from the road trip if you need something to convince your oh. :-)
  5. Shell petrol station

    I guess I'll fill up somewhere else then...
  6. Greek townhouse

    Did I mention both I and ms Sovieticus love Greece? A beautiful country full of really friendly folks, we drove around 1500 miles across the country on our holidays and I can honestly say we met some of the nicest people on this planet out there. I'm talking about some poor old couple running a roadside stall, clearly hardly making their ends meet, insisting that our daughter takes few free apples when we stopped to buy a snack because "she looks so pretty". Or a small, local hotel in the mountainous region where we were the only guests and got to try the owners' family meal they just prepared. If you have a chance just go to the mainland, hire a car and drive around small mountain villages, the views are outstanding and stopping for a dinner in a random local tavern full of old greeks playing accordion, dancing and enjoying themselves are worth living for. It's also really, really affordable, bar the flights, 20eur can get you a hire car for a day or buy a nice dinner for three if you avoid tourist traps. Anyway... It's sad to see such a beautiful country hit so hard by the financial crisis, for one reason or another and I don't want to get into the politics here cause we'd all happily retire at the age of 50 given a chance and reassurance by the government that everything's fine. There's an empty place everywhere you go - factories, stores, houses and flats scattered in cities and countryside. Earlier I posted a store with workshop and cars in the garage and it's not an uncommon view even along the main routes. Things haven't improved much in the last few years from what I could see. Today we're looking at a typical old-style townhouse in Athens which I found few steps away from my accommodation, right by the Monastiraki Square. Nothing special to write about it but I love discovering how people live and you might find it interesting. I found only one kitchen on the top floor which suggest it was a single family home, likely someone wealthy lived there. I'll add view from the rooftop terrace once I get home as I can't find it right now. Once on the top floor I heard some footsteps and rustling downstairs. I cleared my throat and made few loud steps to announce my presence, after which the mysterious visitor ran out of the building. Kids messing around, homeless person, local junkies..? I'm glad I didn't have a chance to find out. Edited to add the rooftop terrace view of the Acropolis:
  7. Jalpaiguri, Assam, India Train yard

    This must be one of the farthest sites form the UK reported here, awesome!
  8. Cigar Factory, Belgium - April 2017

    I'm always amazed by the "quality" of Belgian sites, all those factories and mansions full of intact machinery and antiques covered in dust. Excellent report and photos, really top quality!
  9. Abandoned Roadside Cottage

    Damn, I need to change my nick name, it doesn't sound right at all when you say it.
  10. Abandoned Roadside Cottage

    One of my "hey, was that an empty house" holiday discoveries, sadly I don't know much about this place and frankly it's unlikely to be special, so let's get down to business.
  11. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [pic heavy]

    Seems like it, but since the door was open I couldn't resist.
  12. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [pic heavy]

    Cheers, it took me some time to go back to those photos, somehow it feels too personal, there's a sad story in those items.
  13. Real pirates eat bullets for breakfast before sailing off into the sunset. I had a mini heart attack in the bathroom, luckily it wasn't a Breaking Bad scene but a pair of rotting jeans.
  14. The Brewery

    Man, I love the contrast between comforting, warm shots and cold, sharp machinery and malt bags. Top place and shots!
  15. My first photoshoot

    Creativity at its best!