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  1. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    Great job there!
  2. Uncle Bobs Quiver place, November 2016

    Not as trashed as many other places, top report!
  3. Milkbank House - abandoned mansion in Scotland

    Thanks chaps, the place must have been stunning in its better days.
  4. I have posted the report from Milkbank House Kennels few months ago and today we're visiting the Milkbank House. Quoting BARR because I'm lazy today: Here's how this beautiful residence looked while it was still occupied: Mrs Sovieticus playing Indiana Jones: See more here:
  5. Piano theatre, London November 2017

    Love it, top stuff there!
  6. Bee Boles

    First time I've seen such unusual report, well done there!
  7. Special Needs

    Just like the brewery report, I love the colours! Have you met the cat?
  8. Grain Elevator

    Some folks might recognize this building from a certain video game*, I've been obsessed with it since I saw some photos few years ago and finally made it there. I climbed what's left of the stairs with legs shaking from excitement and boy was it worth it. Enjoy! * seems that this might not be the very same building used to build the model due to some minor differences but a similar one. Either this and the real deal is still hiding somewhere waiting for me to discover or the 3D artists just used their imagination a bit. Nonetheless I'm as happy as can be. More here: http://www.forgottenisland.net/grain-elevator-near-zymovyshche-village
  9. Mill in't woods feb 2017

    The fire damage looks like yet another victim of bored kids.. Nice find, I love old mills, there always be new factories and hospitals to explore but mills like this one are a dying breed.
  10. Abandoned Colliery, Warwickshire

    Shame it's been stripped off but it must be hard to find a colliery in good nick these days. Nice find, can't wait for the report.
  11. [Chernobyl] Power Plant Control Room

  12. [Chernobyl] Power Plant Control Room

    And in case you're wondering how did the NSC end up over the old sarcophagus. A remarkable engineering achievement..
  13. [Chernobyl] Power Plant Control Room

    I bet you'll hate me for spamming the forum but after few PMs I got about the subject I'm happy to share some more stuff from the zone with you. Today (if you have a time machine and live in 2016) we're vising the actual Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, more specifically the control room and turbine hall of the reactor block no. 2. There were 4 reactors in total located in two buildings - 1&2 and 3&4 sharing the walls. We all know what happened to the reactor no. 4, no. 3 is sometimes accessible but at the time of this visit the New Safe Confinement was ready to be moved and due to some preparation work needed I've seen the block 2. Interestingly this building also suffered from a fire in in 1991 but no casualties or serious danger occurred. All blocks all pretty much identical apart from a granite plaque on the wall dividing 3 and 4 commemorating the victims. As you can see I got lucky to get there pretty close to the reactor block itself and the New Safe Confinement. Like everything in Ukraine - can be done if you drink with the right people or go with people who drink with the right people. ;-) Oh, and do not, and I repeat - DO NOT mess with the buttons or an angry man will stare at you. A lot. High-tech construction eqipment Radiation level higher than normal but nothing to be worried about, you'll see about the same on a typical flight cruising altitude. The NSC is massive, 92m (300ft) high and designed to confine the old sarcophagus. There are cranes under the roof to be used for dismantling the old structure and some clever air circulation system to prevent it from corroding. Goddamit I told you not to mess with the buttons Look what you've done... Manual Reactor Power Adjustment Tool The turbine hall: And the statue of Prometheus who who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind. Moved here from outside of the Prometheus Cinema in Pripyat after the accident:
  14. [Chernobyl] Few photos of Pripyat before and after the accident

    Some folks are, not to mention 30 years of looting for scrap, illegal stalkers and so on.