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    That's excellent!
  2. In a dark dark wood.....august 2017

    That twig sculpture is seriously creepy..
  3. Milkbank House Kennels

    Haha, 1895, fixed
  4. Milkbank House Kennels

    Built around 1895 next to the Milkbank House, more of which later. visited in July 2017
  5. In a dark dark wood.....august 2017

    Blair Witch Project...
  6. Scottish Waulk Mill

    I haven't posted for a while but I had a busy weekend visiting few places, so let's start with a Waulk Mill dated early 1800's, sheds and what's left of the machinery. Sorry for not giving more details but an old chap living next door with two equally mature dogs isn't overly keen on people mooching around his secluded retirement home, so I'd rather leave him in peace. He was however kind enough to have a quick chat once he saw we're not there to damage anything. As always photo heavy and enjoy! Water canal leading to a river on the left, now covered: The water wheel pit: Badly rotten first floor, I didn't dare to step any further:
  7. Malsis School Crosshills July 2017

    Fantastic condition, sad to see yet another beautiful building to be demolished to make room for new housing.
  8. Arty images urbex/non urbex

  9. Arty images urbex/non urbex