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  1. Very little informaion exists for this place, aside from it was a tavern as far back as 1872 before becoming a private home with attached farm shop and nurseries. The tavern itself closed its doors for the last time in 1974.
  2. Exploring Abandoned Untouched Indian Restaurant

    Check out this nice little untouched indian restaurant. The only info i have is the place is due for demolition to make way for a new complex. Enjoy this little gem of place
  3. Exploring Huge Abandoned Swimming Baths

    We just love abandoned swimming baths. Here's some info for you all. The St James' Street Baths was officially opened on 9 June 1932. It was built on a site formerly occupied by the Christ Church Schools, and was designed by the Borough Estates Surveyor, Mr R E Ford, assisted by Mr F D Whiteley and Mr H J Ward. It cost £10,000 to build and equip and the general contractors were Messrs Walter Firth Ltd of Doncaster.The building contained swimming, slipper, Turkish and Russian baths. The pool was the first public swimming bath in England to be fitted with underwater lighting through the provision of twenty-four powerful electric lights along the sides of the pool. The intention was to prevent unperceived accidents, and coloured screens could be placed in front of the lights to give coloured effects. The pool water was filtered by plant supplied by Paterson Engineering Co Ltd of London, and the whole of the water in the pool could be withdrawn, warmed, aerated, chemically treated, and returned to the pool once every four hours, ensuring that the water would be bacteriologically and chemically pure during the whole of the bathing season. The opening ceremony booklet noted that 'unlike most other swimming baths, there are no dressing rooms round the swimming pool itself, but these are provided in two large rooms adjoining the bath hall'. The slipper baths were divided into first-class and second-class baths separated for men and women. There was also a laundry fully equipped with the latest machinery, and a kitchen to provide food for the bathers.
  4. Exploring Abandoned Fire Station

    Cheers pal. I prefer my videos with background music. Tried it in my old videos and didn't like the silence but each to there own guess you can't please everyone but glad you enjoyed the video
  5. Exploring Abandoned Fire Station

    This is one of those explores you wont find very often. Shame about the fire but still worth the visit. Enjoy
  6. Exploring abandoned house and found THIS!

    We didn't know any info on this place as we stumbled upon it but doing some research i found out it's called priory house ( white house ) The house was owner by someone called John Holmes who got in to some financial trouble and had to leave the place behind. Before this the house was known for having garden partys with the garden stretching back to include a small wooded area. There was a murder enquiry after someone set fire to their selves inside the abandoned property.
  7. B Braun Medical Facility, SHEFFIELD 18/09/17

    No problem. Even though it was pretty empty it was still a good place to explore
  8. SSSSSHHHHH! 25/09/17

    This Grade II listed building was built in 1894-96 and has been altered altered 1931 and 1967. The large children's mural was designed in 1931 by Herbert Wood.In more recent times it has been The Taj Banqueting Suite which was evacuated in 2014 when when an explosion caused a fire in the kitchen. Enjoy the video guys
  9. B Braun Medical Facility, SHEFFIELD 18/09/17

    To start with we had no idea on what this place use to be but after a while we came across some notice boards with the company details on. not sure on how long this place has been left like this but well worth the explore. Enjoy
  10. Queens Hotel, SHEFFIELD 17/09/17

    The noises you hear are 100% not us and i believe this place could be haunted. We searched the place from top to bottom and found nobody in there. Enjoy the explore guys
  11. Fancy a dip? 17/09/17

    So we head out and check out this cool swimming baths. I can't find much info on this place other than it opened in the 60s and closed may 2016. Overall condition wasn't bad considering its been abandoned for well over a year.
  12. RAF Church Fenton, LEEDS 13/09/17

    So we head back to the RAF base for a second visit and take a look around the pub. Unfortunately we couldn't see all the other buildings as it was so dark. Anyway we pretty much stayed in the pub. Enjoy
  13. Eleanor Street Art College, GRIMSBY 04/09/17

    Hey guys, Hope you enjoy this explore. it's a shame we couldn't show you more of this place but it was in such a state we didn't fancy walking on the sketchy floor. Don't know much about this all i know it was a school before it turned into an art college. Enjoy
  14. Blundell Street Board School, HULL, 03/09/17

    Correction it's called Blundell Street Board School, Hull The Kingston upon Hull School Board was constituted under the Act in 1871 and built 37 new schools during its short life which ended in 1902. One of these, the Blundell Street Board School was built in 1878 and is Hull's oldest surviving board school building (despite various attempts to get rid of it). The building was latterly used as the Hull School of Architecture and then 'The Strand' - The University of Lincolnshire and Humberside's student union venue. It closed in 1998 and was set on fire in May 1999. Various planning applications to demolish it from the University of Lincoln have been refused.
  15. Edlington to Conisborough Tunnel 14/08/17

    haha i hate thongs and spiders...... im out lol