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  1. Last chance for high royds Leeds

    Lol! Sorry nope
  2. Last chance for high royds Leeds

    Hi guys, So on bank holiday Monday this week we ventured off to former lunatic asylum HIGH ROYDS in menston Leeds, when we got there we parked easily in the vistor car park and went for a stroll round the lovely brand new housing estate that had been made from the former asylum complex... do not give up hope as the main building complete with ballroom and clocktower still remains as it was in its previous life.... so once we had checked out the best way to get in we went back for the kit , and off we went under the fence and through a window.... WARNING the first thing we did once gaining entry to the building was spend 5 minutes stemming the blood flow from Andy's hand where he had cut it climbing through a window!! Once the blood had abaited we moved into the main corridor and on into the ball room! We were shocked to see the floor boards had been removed in all the rooms! And that's because THE BUILDERS ARE IN!! Thankfully with it being bank holiday we were able to spend 4 hours of uninterrupted exploring through underground tunnels used for transporting dead bodies and heating pipes, the bell tower and roof and all the other amazing rooms with ornate Victorian tiles, we didn't get many photos as we are predominantly a YouTube channel but here is what we did get! P.s the cctv cameras are off line I'm struggling to add the other photos due to size ... here are the videos...
  3. Chain Home Radar base Loth Scotland

    Fantastic, let me know if you need to know how to get to Loth
  4. Chain Home Radar base Loth Scotland

    Whilst at my Scottish cottage I took the opportunity to explore the military radar base at Loth, I also took my metal detector after receiving permission from the local land owner (I am from up there originally so have contacts lol) I found a WW2 casing and a lovely cap badge... after squeezing into small holes and having fun I was attacked by a barn owl check it all out here