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  1. Milkbank House - abandoned mansion in Scotland

    Wow, stunning place and fab pics!
  2. Hotel Derpafornia.

    Ooh, I’ve been meaning to go here. Great report and what a view from those windows!
  3. Bee Boles

    I agree with evilnoodle as well. Great find!
  4. Special Needs

    Excellent report there, lovin the car room. The place seems really clean. Did you do a bit of mopping up while you were there?
  5. Piano theatre, London November 2017

    Some really fab pics! Loved the piano and the ceiling. No graffiti in there either and this is Southall?! I Have lived in both West Drayton and Northolt, so maybe it’s time to have a visit to my old stomping grounds. Thanks for the share
  6. I wouldn’t want any of that scrap in my neighbourhood. Seems like a dangerous business to me but then again the world is full of idiots.
  7. WTF?! Are you allowed to walk in there unchecked?
  8. [Chernobyl] Pripyat Police Station

    Ooh, makes me even more excited to get there! Lovin’ your flask

  10. Wow! Those are some great photos! Awaiting my turn to visit next year
  11. Arty images urbex/non urbex

    Curves Old Chevy
  12. Exploring abandoned school at night

    Thanks for sharing. That place is quite creepy at night! Nice ending with the whiteboard messages.
  13. Volkswagen beetle graveyard

    Really great report. It’s sad to see all those beauties rusting away. I used to drive a ‘62. It had a huge engine and dual carbs! What an awesome car that was.
  14. The Incinerator

    Great pics and I love the thing with the buttons! Did you push them?
  15. The Hippodrome

    Thanks! I was going to knock anyway. I’ve got some food and blankets for them as well. That should grant me access don’t you think?