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  1. Hulme Hippodrome, Manchester - September 2017

    Magnificent photos guys, you make the place look elegant no matter what condition it's in!
  2. Twin gunners, July 2017

    Well done! I like anything military and that tower looks worthy of a mooch
  3. Permanite, Matlock, September 2017 - warning, HDR!

    Your pics are quite good! I really like the b&w and there's nothing wrong with shooting in hdr.
  4. Competition 3 "Stairs 'n' Chairs"

    ok, here goes... I've got one more
  5. The Hospital That Time Forgot: Aug 2017

    Why thank you! ''Tis a great place
  6. The Hospital That Time Forgot: Aug 2017

    Thank you! There's a competition?! Ooh, that would be nice
  7. Fly Boys

    Done that drive many times, 3 hours. As long as it takes me to get to Wales
  8. Fly Boys

    Ooh, doors, peeling paint and military gets my vote! I'd like to visit that sometime. Fabulous pics (including the shrek like thing)
  9. Old Man's Cottage

    Beautiful photos and a heartfelt report, thanks for sharing
  10. House Plants Quarry

    Doesn't need to be big for a great explore. A few good shots and a memory to go with it
  11. House Plants Quarry

    Excellent pics once again sir! Love the look of this place
  12. The Hospital That Time Forgot: Aug 2017

    Why thank you sir! Erm, some of the inside shots were on P mode as I was getting a bit frustrated getting the look right. Yes, shot in raw, saved in jpg. I was feeling a bit sorry for my friend as I snapped off 300 shots in those 5 hours. The only thing she heard was "ooh, I don't like the look of that, just one more" lol
  13. I just love this place! Yes, it's a bit wrecked but still a great explore. Thanks to the patience of the other half of the Funky Muffin crew (my urbex pal) I was able to spend 5 hours of endlessly adjusting my camera for that "perfect shot". Also, a big thanks to the lovely fella who gave me the confidence to go out and shoot in manual (and raw) In a nutshell: Berrywood Asylum opened in 1876. During WW1 the hospital was commandeered by the military for use and became the Duston War hospital. Following WW2 the name changed to St Crispin. In the 1970’s part of the hospital was renamed the Princess Marina hospital and developed for mental handicap services. St Crispin closed in 1995. The new Berrywood mental hospital is a mile down the road from this site. Warning: I love doors and peeling paint.
  14. Abandoned Hospital

    Very nice sir! loving' the lights and the place looks like its in pretty good shape
  15. The end of the line

    Thanks! It's a great place to visit from time to time. The tipper trucks and such are constantly changing and the old guys don't mind if you nose around a bit