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  1. My first photoshoot

    Thanks! I actually took those through another camera, took ages to focus both of them right and it was pretty underwhelming in the end but it was fun.
  2. My first photoshoot

    I feel incredibly special hearing that from an admin
  3. My first photoshoot

    I know, I'm pretty proud of it! It's actually an old train light that they would have lit with a candle. I used the torch on my phone and sellotaped it behind the glass to do it.
  4. My first photoshoot

    So I'm planning on adventuring into abandoned buildings to take photos, and I started by learning to use a camera and taking pics of some abandoned items in the art room. I took like 240 photos and these are the ones that I thought looked the best. What do you guys think? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6u8PS7DipXjWHpNcHYxRHJLWkk