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    Sleep Asylum...in the audio-chemical unit.
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    Sewing, exploring, swimming, languages, listening to music, drinking silly amounts of tea of many kinds, being an opportunistic scavenging type.
  1. Bee Boles

    Educational and interesting. Thank you.
  2. Chapels, a bit like Buses - June 2017

    Beautiful looking place.
  3. Peach Factory, Bury - Sept 2017

  4. Peach Factory, Bury - Sept 2017

    Yes, you most definitely are missing out on a wonderful life experience!
  5. Peach Factory, Bury - Sept 2017

    Did you find any traffic cones to put on your head?
  6. Supergrass, sept 2015

    Great report and I must blame you for putting this into my head:
  7. Mill in't woods feb 2017

    Going through floors is scary! Happened to me and I have more likelihood of being mangled due to physical issues. Luckily my mate pulled me out. Blood big drop below too!
  8. Mightyperm mill, September 2017 - warning, HDR!

    I love the "Matlock Is Dead" graffiti with the response and the "Make Tea Not War"!
  9. The angels asylum 05/17

    A death trap and wrecked even when I went there years back but always beautiful. Such a shame it was never all saved and converted. Did you see the graffiti up one of the stair cases? I always remember something from the sixties by some guys fixing the TV aerial.
  10. Sports Venue, Varna - August 2017

    I love skeletal structures of rust where the plants have started to creep in. I like to enjoy the scent of buddleia (don't know if it grows in Bulgaria) and see the light make shadows on the ground from the metal framework above. Extra sensory enjoyment if it is just around the corner from civilisation and I can hear the traffic/world outside yet enjoy the peace of the ruins like in a place I went to in Birmingham.
  11. This is beautiful!
  12. Cancer Hospital Up North, 2012

    The Riddlers found it first and pointed it out.
  13. Any good shots are flukes with me. I don't know what the heck I'm doing bar pointing and clicking for the most part.
  14. An Abandoned Hotel, West Midlands 2012

    That seems the most sane and logical answer! You honestly considered ironing on a weekend away?