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    Sleep Asylum...in the audio-chemical unit.
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    Sewing, exploring, swimming, languages, listening to music, drinking silly amounts of tea of many kinds, being an opportunistic scavenging type.
  1. Permanite, Matlock, September 2017 - warning, HDR!

    I love the "Matlock Is Dead" graffiti with the response and the "Make Tea Not War"!
  2. Mid Wales Hospital 05/17

    A death trap and wrecked even when I went there years back but always beautiful. Such a shame it was never all saved and converted. Did you see the graffiti up one of the stair cases? I always remember something from the sixties by some guys fixing the TV aerial.
  3. Sports Venue, Varna - August 2017

    I love skeletal structures of rust where the plants have started to creep in. I like to enjoy the scent of buddleia (don't know if it grows in Bulgaria) and see the light make shadows on the ground from the metal framework above. Extra sensory enjoyment if it is just around the corner from civilisation and I can hear the traffic/world outside yet enjoy the peace of the ruins like in a place I went to in Birmingham.
  4. This is beautiful!
  5. Cancer Hospital Up North, 2012

    The Riddlers found it first and pointed it out.
  6. Any good shots are flukes with me. I don't know what the heck I'm doing bar pointing and clicking for the most part.
  7. An Abandoned Hotel, West Midlands 2012

    That seems the most sane and logical answer! You honestly considered ironing on a weekend away?
  8. Smoked Kippers

    Gorgeous pipes and machinery goodness!
  9. An Abandoned Hotel, West Midlands 2012

    I'm doing fine, thanks. Keeping busy with work and studying. How have you been?
  10. Manor House Up North 2012

    Visited with a group who I'm not going to try to name EVERY one of but you know who you all are and you made it a very happy day.
  11. Visited with a few including Monk, The Riddlers, S-8, Mex and Tumbles. Sorry if I missed a name off here. Sadly the place was half demolished and very secure but we saw some of it.
  12. An Abandoned Hotel, West Midlands 2012

    Weird thing was how much personal stuff was left in a place that only closed in 2011. Also the curious find of a P45 that featured a woman with no National Insurance Number.
  13. I'll add some of the fun things I found to this thread: Kneely thing! There were many photos strewn about, including this lovely fur baby: A shit covered organ...that could be SO wrong out of context!
  14. Visited with Sheepdisease. It was bloody freezing and I was not able to walk too well later on due to snow and loosing feeling in my leg. Draughty rooms where windows have been put in are not as confortable in minus temperatures. This hotel was an interesting little mooch. We managed to figure out that it was an Asian-run establishment, that the owner had racked up a fair few airmiles (possibly due to family in India/Pakistan) and that it had most likely become insolvent, as I got hold of a business card for an insolvency firm that operate from the town I live in. It only closed down in 2011. It also boasted its own bar and restaurant. Can someone please tell me WHY there is an ironing board in the middle of a hallway? Breakfast area...we found the missing toaster in the cellar. Darts trophy for Mr Singh A make shift bong found in a room with syringes strewn on the floor and a used wank mag...nice.