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  1. Bloody hell it's in some state now. Good effort though mate. I could probably do a wander round if you go back, the pit head is a bit more interesting with a nice view from the top.
  2. There was another security cabin that had turned up on the edge of the site last time I was there, no one was home though. Good effort
  3. Looks like Barry left in a hurry
  4. I love the old open headstocks, this one's a fine example
  5. Nice pics, don't think it'll be long before we're looking at an emergency demo order on this one. Some state now.
  6. Much appreciated sir
  7. Thought I'd throw up a little exploratory imagery for you all.
  8. There's some pretty impressive Victorian craftmanship in that. I love the detail.
  9. Nice set of snaps, plenty to see and very photogenic.
  10. Very well played as per mate. You wouldn't get me outta here for all the ch√Ęteaus in Belgium..
  11. I like a bit of garden centre. Here's some creepy place abroad..
  12. Fair few bits still kickin about there, looks a decent wander..
  13. Very nicely done mate. Yer keen, that's some old trek
  14. Yi know what I like about powerstations? Chimneys..
  15. I was too busy making sure the rest of my shots would be shittily out of focus.