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  1. We were lucky enough to get the chance to visit this great old theatre, built in 1897 and closed in 1977. It's currently under restoration using funding based entirely on donations. We had a good few hours inside, left to our own devices whilst the volunteers were working away. Here's a few pics #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
  2. This place used to manufacture needles for the hosiery industry, I'm not sure when it closed but it's been a few years by the looks of things. It is a massive place that is currently undergoing asbestos removal and demolition. I'm afraid we were a bit late on this one as a lot of stuff I have seen in other reports is now gone but there was still abit to see. A nice and easy explore but we decide to leave after we bumped into some local kids smashing the place up. Visited with Rusty, Oldskool, Critical Mass, Chardmeister & Neon NIne. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
  3. Manorhouse , Oxford , Oct 11

    Some great shots of this place, it's nice to see it is still in good nick.
  4. Cracking stuff here mate, very nice indeed!
  5. The Chemical Works, Leeds - Oct 11

    A superb looking place, nicely done!
  6. I visited here back in July during a trip south. The place was mid demo and was considerably stripped, although there were some interesting pickle jars left in the science dept! I would imagine the site is totally flat now but I cant remember the name of the place or which part of London it was in. Visited with Rusty & RomanyWG #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
  7. But you need the exposures to start with? It amazes me that people who dont like HDR get so worked up about it. If it really does burn your eyes perhaps you should get them checked out!! or just live & let live..... At the end of the day we all like to explore places, that is what this forum is about, does it really matter if some people like to process HDR? Oldskool does more exploring than most others and always visits interesting sites, none of which will be seen on this forum now because of some silly HDR row!
  8. Nursing Home, Worcestershire - Oct 2011

    Very nice, the window shots are especially good!
  9. Nursing Home, Worcestershire - Oct 2011

    Very nice. Some really great shots of this place.
  10. A Midlands Care Home, October 2011

    Thanks for the comments guys and yes this place really is something, it looks like the residents just left. Also the power is still on and the lights etc are working. I dont imagine it will stay like this for long as it has been named on other forums.
  11. Tucked away behind the trees lies this old Care Home, it closed sometime in 2008 and is in excellent condition with plenty of stuff left inside. After failing here before it was good to make it inside this time. Here are some pictures
  12. After failing at two other sites nearby I thought I would have a look at this place before heading home. An old Waste Incinerator. I dont have much info on it. I think it closed around 1995. It's not the biggest of explores but it's good for a couple of hours. There was a planning application to build flats on the site but I am led to believe that was refused so it's unknown what will happen with the site.
  13. Stopped off here after visiting GB’s last weekend I couldn’t really find any info on this place but it’s a late 19th century Church built with solid brick and it has a pitched slate roof. It’s a cool place with some great features and some decent stuff left inside, including two piano’s. Access was somewhat unusual but was made easier by the residents of the adjoining house. Unfortunately I didn’t get any outside shots due to the fact it was raining. Visited with Rusty. #1 No More Prayers by sj9966, on Flickr #2 All in a row by sj9966, on Flickr #3 House of the Holy by sj9966, on Flickr #4 Altar by sj9966, on Flickr #5 Out of tune by sj9966, on Flickr #6 Ivories by sj9966, on Flickr #7 Stained by sj9966, on Flickr #8 Left Behind by sj9966, on Flickr #9 The Church Hall by sj9966, on Flickr
  14. No mate, I left them to it and just did some exploring.
  15. Great stuff, I had the pleasure of Rusty's company yesterday, he brought a model along for a shoot, although I left them to it and didnt get involved!