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  1. Manor B 2011

    Stunning House, lovely shots
  2. Ghost Ship - Wales - November 2011

    Love this ship! Ace shots
  3. Beelitz Heilstatten (Germany)

    Fantastic pics, looks a lovely explore
  4. Steel Works Fv - Nov 2011

    Lovely Shots, looks a good explore
  5. C-Plant 12.11.11

    C-Plant was a Chemical Production Facility, it closed a few years ago and the pikey's havent quite managed to get their claws into it yet, its also in the process of being Dismantled. Explored with Sloth and Ue Urbex, the site is massive and a return visit is on the cards. The Pictures A Few HDR Shots, as it would of been rude not to! Thanks for Looking
  6. Very interesting, thanks for sharing
  7. Castle Of The "casseroles"

    Tasty...love the toilet id feel like a queen with a loo like that!! Ace shots!
  8. Ace shots, that admin building looks damn sexy
  9. Wow nice...ace shots
  10. Water Dosing Plant- Conwy- 2006

    This is different, ace report :thumbsup:
  11. Hospital V (France)

    Ace shots, looks a neat explore
  12. Really nice shots especially no5, also have to agree with Judds about the water mark
  13. Arty images urbex/non urbex

    Blinky The New Wheels Kisses!