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  1. Visited in April as part of a swift trip across Europe, beautiful building and industry, full of smells and textures, machinery and light - just perfect. The owner was super cool, he made us awesome coffee with thick milk from a carton and told us that we had free reign. He’d recently sold the buildings and site to a developer and was in the process of winding his business down. So many nooks and crannies to examine and just so many artefacts! You could track the production of cigars right from the raw tobacco, through the blending, to the formation of the cigars, to the manufacturing and presentation of the boxes readied for shipping. A lot of photos, I couldn’t help myself - sorry. Raw, dried tobacco from Indonesia. Rolled but untrimmed cigars. The loft, filled with shredded tobacco leaf. Offices, every ash tray was filled with stubs. The owner seemed to walk around with a cigar in his mouth at all times.
  2. Nobody at T' Mill!

    Whoa yes, that's the bomb.
  3. A lot of them have been nicked. Nice to see the place before it was derped beyond all reasonable doubt.
  4. Are you sure you're thinking of the right factory?
  5. And you too, had a lol - was good to meet everyone else finally too. That's where they kept the electricity before they closed the factory.
  6. Why Turner didn't do an entire painted report I'll never know. Excellent shots, especially the stair ones, they're brilliantly lit.
  7. Yo dog, I heard you liked Transits... Being as were within sight of these big bastards, it would have been rude not to pay one final visit before they're pulled over (not blown up) Cheers.
  8. An XL Derp. Used to make stuff. Doesn't now. Being a fan of massive man made spaces, this added buoyancy to my waterborne vessel. Pictures: Continued...
  9. Cars At Night

    Excellent, love the Audi one, really stands out. Golf looks a little bit underexposed, which is a shame as the star trails are mint.
  10. House B, Leeds

    Lovely, haven't seen anything from here in ages! This was my third ever explore and my pics were shocking. Should go back really, I love that decorative ceiling light, didn't even notice it.
  11. And the altar & decorative stuff has gone.
  12. Luvverly stuff. Did you not fancy the pigeon poo slide?