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  1. Hi, just noticed your pic...PWEI...pop will eat itself, a band back in the 90's.!!! Is that what it stands for or something else.?...just thought i'd ask, hope you don't mind.! they did some great songs, went to all their concerts.!


  2. Across the nation, millions of people were celebrating Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, 60 years of service. I left the my parents house, and travelled through tiny villages with red white and blue bunting, street parties and flags to see something else that was celebrating its Diamond Jubilee. For about 60 years ago, these cars would have rolled off the plant in Cowley and onto the streets of the early 1950's. Things went wrong immediately upon arrival. I was wearing shorts. A dreadful move. Waist high stinging nettles had enveloped the cars, like a green tide. I had no other trousers. I put on my waders, and desperately hoped no-one would see me. High tide by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr It looks like one of the storms earlier on the year have caused more damage. Huge branches lie across the cars, and make it impossible to get to some of them. Fallen tree by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr I don't know any of the history of this place. It looked like the cars had been used for parts at some undeterminable time in the past. Many had missing engines, and seats and other bits. My dad had an old Riley when I was a kid, and inside these reminded me of that a bit. The ignition was in the middle of the dash. Smiths clocks by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr This was a 4/44 - top speed 73 miles an hour. I loved the curved lines of early 1950's design. Curved by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr W is for Wolseley W by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr There were some nice bits of detail. Wolseley by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr It was getting hot in the waders. I hoped desperately that no one would come along and ask what I was doing in waders and a big camera near the old cars. It would be a difficult and unlikely tale. I thought I should hurry up. Left behind by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr There is a limit to taking pictures of old cars in a field. Still, it was a nice place to take some snaps. Headlamp by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr Old motors didn't always have indicators. To show that you were turning, you would move the slide on the centre of the steering wheel. The wheel by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr These bad boys swing out, like a semaphore from the column between the front and back doors, originally dating from before orange flashing indicator bulbs. Trafficator by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr After this, I marched carefully back to my car, trying to look casual as several families drove past. Dry land waders FTW. Open door by richboxfrenzy, on Flickr "Daddy, what's that fat man in waders doing in that field?" "I don't know darling. Promise me you will never, ever talk to someone like that, ever."
  3. Love the headphone shot! Nice stuff again.
  4. Sileby Maltings Leicestershire Long Gone Now 2009

    I love the old wood in there mate, very nice. I hope they swept up before people moved in. Nice one Matt
  5. H In S '11

    Sad to think thee is another I probably won't visit, as it always looks good in reports
  6. Brewbakers Building Wolverhampton.

    The link works I've not seen it, but I've not been to Wolves for a year. There were a lot of needles in the entrance to the Eye Hospital when I went, about half a mile away, and that place looks like a magnet for skag heads, so watch yourself.
  7. I'd forgotten what a lot of nice motors there were there.
  8. How funny, I too have a soap dispenser next to my piano as well. Sad I didn't bother going to West Park.
  9. H Laboratory Supplies, Birmingham, Mar 2011

    It looks like Nigel might need to learn some good manners about using a toilet correctly. Or just using a toilet. Impressive for checking it out.
  10. I am pleased to hear of another family member out spotting. Good man, getting them trained like that. Lots of good stuff to see here. Cool front door
  11. It looked like it was untouched since about 1926 until I saw the big TV box on the bed. Ha ha, What car is that. The bonnet reminds me of a Ford Escort, but the rest of it looks different. I'm a bit rubbish at car recognition now a days.
  12. That is all photography is
  13. Manor House Up North 2012

    Super wall paper in this place. Worthy of a report all of it's own. Its good here.
  14. Raf Laarbruch Weeze

    The stuff looks really good, but it is nice to see the photos on the site, as most people don't bother to click through which is a shame. Post a few shots up using the tags as they are good to see.
  15. Castle Batman (France)

    Ha ha. SOme cool stuff there. Castles are my favourite. I love the stairs