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Sunderlnad Civic Centre Underground Bunker

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Welcome to Sunderland Civic Centre Underground Bunker, and theoss's new minimalist posting style. Which is easy in this example since I know little about this bunker, except it is now secured.



bunker 153 by theoss, on Flickr

Note- Lockable steel gate;


bunker 154 by theoss, on Flickr

Room Number 1;


bunker 139 by theoss, on Flickr


bunker 140 by theoss, on Flickr

Room Number 2;


bunker 143 by

theoss, on Flickr


bunker 142 by theoss, on Flickr

Connecting Passageway;


bunker 144 by theoss, on Flickr

Some stairs;


bunker 145 by theoss, on Flickr

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Id kill to go in here!

Tricky one, seriously, gate is now secured, and not really worth the risk since being seen near the gate is very likely to be detected and will evoke a response. There is nothing more to see than what's in the pictures.

Just to add I recently came across what appeared to be a WW2 air riad shelter under some arches in Newcatle- not sure those have cropped up before.

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