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Small Crane Near The River, Bristol - June 2012

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Visited with a non-member.

Had been eyeing this little crane up every since it went up a week ago, and thought it was time to just do it. Certainly not the highest of cranes, but still worth the climb.

The crane is situated on the old Bristol Gas Works site at Canon Marsh in Bristol. That building has sat roofless and empty for longer than I have been alive, so good to see something is now happening with the site!

On with some shots.











In ur cabz:


Cheers! :)

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Brings back a few memories seeing the view from up there in those pictures. Well done lads.

Ps. Sad reflection of the changing times in urbex when a crane job is only worth half a dozen replies, whilst a crusty piece of wallpaper can drag on for a few pages.

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Nice one guys, it's the worry of getting caught that often prevents me, not any type of fear of the actual climb...

That's exactly what it it's about. If you do get caught, and as long they only have the fact you were there to try and prosecute you for, chances are a court won't hear it. It was the nice cop, cup of tea and waving a get out of jail early form that got me.

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