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Some Mines In Germany............nice !!!!

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Al reet folks heres a story

Zeche Db...from the start this was a fail we pulled up in a residential area in a super market car park 5 of us bailed out of the car straight onto a live railway line in full view of locals and shoppers .........after a 5 min walk through trees and brambles we hit our access ( seeing a transit van and a Mercedes and workers in high viz jackets ) lets ignore them workmen........... ok once on site we realized it was a no go also we saw a police patrol car scoping the area erm erm erm thats for us !!!

Time to bail .......SO WE DID we made it back to the car only to see a local copper ride up to us on a bicycle , he stopped put his bicycle on its stand and proceeded to pull his 9mm side arm form its hustler .......then screaming at us in German blar blar blar snort snot blar English were like what the fuck is he saying he started waving his gun at us Pierre had to translate ...put your hands on the car roof and spread your legs ..................fuck its on we did next thing i see is a patrol car come screaming into the car park were talkin blues and twos the whole nine yards .....eventually the car came screeching to a halt and two more cops were on the scene and yet another car came in bound ............what all this coz we were taking photos they thought we were metal thieves which is very understandable as we had just spent 3 days in Belgium sleeping ruff and wearing the same clothes ( urbex its a nasty hobby ) now after a chat with our German counter parts we were sorted even ended up having a laught and a joke with the police aaawwwww bless them they thought they had a result fucking numptys







Zeche P....



















The Baskets ( case )









Mine in the woods ...........took time out to climb to the top some epic view of the German countryside













continued over leaf ;-)

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23. Untitled_Panorama1-1.jpg







Visited with Critical Mass , Host , Pierre Soff & Ro Mo just want to say what a pleasure the tour was meeting up with European counterparts a big up to Pierre for the hook up ... Just want to say a big thanks to all my European friends you know who you are ...i just wish the English were as helpful and friendly ...well thats the end to another tour .........The Pro-Hobo European Vacation ;-)

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