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Raf Abingdon Atc Tower -2009

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RAF Abingdon, was one of the 30's 'expansion period' airfields and became a heavy bomber training unit, a role it continued during the war. It was also the RAF's parachute training school and was used as a location for the war film "Operation Crossbow" After the war it was handed over to RAF Transport Command and played a role in the Berlin Airlift. It's last role was as a maintenance base for Jaguars and Buccaner's. It ceased flying operations in 1992, was re-named Dalton Barracks and handed to the Army who currently occupy the site.

I've been looking at this place from afar for a while, but the fact that it's on a live military base put me off a bit, but this weekend, boredom and the lure of a possible mint sealed time capsule where enough to dispell the fear of getting shot. However on closer inspection it became clear that the local chavs didn't have the fear at all.



The "Green house"


The old airfield ident letters on the ambulance shed,


In the watch tower,





Flight planning room,



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