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Bangkok Dangerous - 50 Storeys Of Abandoned Skyscraper - February 2014

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So there was me hanging out in the hippy hostel in Bangkok smoking a little Maryjane drinking a beer just generally relaxing looking up into the canopy of the trees when two magic words drifted towards my ears in a French accent... Abandoned Skyscraper. I shook off my stoned glaze and focused on the wiry French dude. Abandoned in 1997 when funds ran out, and also when stories about ghosts started circulating after around 18 deaths on the site, the place has just been left to rot.


There is an adjoining building six floors, which we bribed our way into, and then found our way to a very sketchy bridge. The problem is that you cannot got through the bridge, you have to go over the roof of it which is terrifying. Frenchie just danced over it like a ballerina, but Shane and I crawled over it trembling like leaves in the wind, it was fucking high and fucking hot. Frenchie was high as a kite on something, so he didn't seem that scared of anything, like those Navajos with no sense of height that used to build skyscrapers.


Inside their is roman style architecture everywhere. But we were not there for that, we were there for the climb - all fifty floors for the best view in Bangkok. This building is seriously fucking dangerous. The internal staircases have these gaping holes which go right down to the ground floor. I shone my laser down there and couldn't even see the bottom. It is so dark in there and one false move and you are worm food. Up at the top Frenchie was doing crazy shit that I just couldn't watch, hanging on the sides of the buildings, if he had fallen we just planned to run and deny knowing him.


Up there at the end of the day, drinking beer, having a smoke, admiring the sunset and the awesome views of the city, it was all well-worth it.


Please leave your comments and check out the full set at my Flickr account :-)




Entry point seven floors up, and through a tiny jagged hole. Even at this height, you are dead if you fall.




Entry bridge from below.




And from the side.




The grand view from below.




Plants carpet the floors everywhere.




Frenchie stands on rebar scaring the shit out of us.




Fifty floors of this in pitch black.




Penthouse suites.




There is literally nothing underneath Frenchie except about a thirty floor fall. He is spraying "FUCK COCA-COLA" on the back of the Coke hoarding.




Me looking very YMCA.




Roman rubble.






Lift to hell.




Set of Spiderman.




Looks like a graveyard up here.




Temple of the bees - there are some nasty little black bees in the temple (actually the top of a lift shaft).




High man, fucking high!




The top of the world.




This is the end, well not quite, check out the full set on my Flickr account.



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