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Festa Vale Hotel, Marfa, Malta - August 2014

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Mrs Hunter had booked us a holiday to Malta.


I kept driving past this place, poking out of the trees and bushes a top of a hill, winking at me. Was it ??? Oh yes a disused hotel built into a hillside slowly being enveloped by trees.


Time for a wander.


A walk in the tea time heat up to the Saint Agatha's Tower, known as the Red Tower it sits on the Mellieha Ridge above Mellieha and Marfa, Malta.




The tower was shut, but not to worry as I hadn't trudged up the steep hill to see the tower, my destination was a little below Saint Agatha's in the bushes.


Going off some of the graffiti in the hotel it had been abandoned since at least 2000, and I have only found one reference to it by name being Festa Vale Hotel, very little information is to be found on this place other than reference to the "abandoned holiday complex" or "abandoned hotel".




At first glance around the place it wasn't of much interest, in fact it was a little bit shit




 and then I kept on walking down to a lower level of the hotel for a present surprise and suddenly things got interesting with a covered swimming pool area.












Back out into the heat to the outdoor pool area I wandered with the sweat streaming down my back I pottered slowly toward the main hotel block






A huge staircase down into the hotel from the pool area had been filled in with rubble, so I wandered a little further to enter through a hole in the wall of a corridor to find a darkened stepped passage down into the bowels of the hotel or was it up? The terrain was all getting a little confusing and the steps of the darkened corridor led up. It was at this point a rather large (or rather larger than I wanted) snake shot past me and thankfully it was gone before my arse had stopped twitching - turns out the snakes of Malta are harmless I should add.







More hotel bedrooms more graf





The lights was failing, it was time to leave before the bad boys and village idiots turned up.....



A few wrong turns in the maze and I was out, I'm sure I must have missed some of the place as I didn't find kitchens or the dining rooms, bar area etc - but I was out and out of water, sweating like a pig it was time for home.




8/10 - extra points for holiday derp and an arse clenching snake encounter.

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