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Jaric Exposed

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Since the mid 50s, JARIC - Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre, based at RAF Brampton, has been cloaked in mystery.


There have been many that have speculated, many myths about tunnels to other units and underground storage facilities.


Other than the official line on Government websites about the work undertaken at this establishment no one has ever seen inside, unless you have worked within its walls and held a very high clearance level.


The building and the work conducted inside was of Top secret classification, and as a result, absolutely no recording media of any type was allowed inside. If it was it never came out again. In fact at one time, you could not even take a lunch box or newspaper in and out!


Two years ago under the PRIDE project, JARIC closed after the completion of a new building 'Pathfinder' at RAF Wyton, and the successful transition of material, equipment and personnel to said building.


On the day of de-classification of the JARIC building, I was able to gain access while three workmen dismantled and moved all the remaining office equipment.


Slowly working my way around the interior as well as the roof and the huge maintenance void, I managed to capture approx 900 images that have now been processed down to 495.


As mentioned above, these images have never before be seen by anyone outside of JARIC personnel and high ranking but cleared visitors.

Indeed some of my imagery is of areas some JARIC personnel did not know existed, let alone seen.


Official JARIC History


Following a series of successful covert air reconnaissance operations run by the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) prior to World War II, the Photographic Development Unit (PDU) was established on 19th January 1940 (Codenamed MI4) and later renamed Photographic Interpretation Unit (PIU) on 11th July 1940.


Through a series of War Ministry re-organisations the PIU was renamed the Central Interpretation Unit (CIU) on 7th January 1941 and changed again to the Joint Air Photographic Intelligence centre (UK) JAPIC[uK] in August 1947.


On 17th December 1953 the unit was given the name of Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre [uK] - JARIC[uK].


The JARIC Photographic Wing moved to Brampton near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire from locations at Medmenham, Wyton and Wembley in 1956 where they were joined by the Joint School of Photographic Interpretation (JSPI) in December.


In 1980 the (UK) was dropped from the name to reflect the closing of the Cyprus based JARIC(NE) in April 1975.


On 19th April 1996 the unit ceased to fall under operational control of the Royal Air Force and became an agency under the operational control of the Director General Intelligence and Geographic Requirements (now Director General Intelligence Collection), taking a more centralised government role within the Ministry of Defence.


On 1st April 2000 the unit stopped functioning as an independent agency and merged with Military Survey into the Defence Geographic and Imagery Intelligence Agency (DGIA).


On the 10th October 2005 the JARIC name ceased to be an acronym to reflect the fact that its sources of imagery had shifted away from those provided by UK Air Reconnaissance platforms to be predominantly satellite imagery based.


The descriptor ‘The National Imagery Exploitation Centre’ was added to the JARIC title to better explain JARIC’s role, not just within the Ministry of Defence but within the wider UK intelligence community.


On 13 July 2012, after the formal retiring of the title JARIC, the unit was renamed the Defence Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Centre (DGIFC).




DGIFC’s role (Formerly JARIC) is to provide specialist, advanced imagery intelligence to the armed forces and other intelligence partners through the exploitation of satellite imaging systems in addition to airborne and ground-based collection systems.

The team at DGIFC uses these sources together with advanced technologies to provide regional intelligence assessments and contribute to national strategic projections.


DGIFC is the UK’s prime provider of imagery intelligence and the UK’s only Satellite Imagery Exploitation Unit. Although initially established to provide strategic intelligence for the needs of the British Government, its role has evolved from the more traditional photographic analysis to encompass more technical intelligence disciplines.


Prior to its closure at RAF Brampton, the unit was established for over 500 posts of which half are civilian.






























































Well if you have got this far and want to see more, then the complete collection is available here


Should there be any questions I will do my best to answer them, but excuse me If I dont always reply promptly.


Enjoy, and thank you for your time.





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Thats awesome mate, love it, one thing i will say is your copyright marks kind of spoil the shots slightly, i understand why you have done it though. Dont take that the wrong way though dude, no offence intended, just my point of view.

No worries Urban, you would need to try much harder than that to offend me, lol. I just need to keep them protected as best I can for a while. Dont forget, no one has done this before and released them for general viewing. This is very much a first!!!

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Well done mate - it's ace to see inside there, and good work on taking the opportunity. 

The copyright is rather invasive - I do understand your viewpoint though of this place. Maybe with other places a smaller, more transparent affair will probably suffice :)

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Interesting stuff Chris...er I mean Aquanaut.

LOL.......no worries, nothing to hide as yet and couldn't be arsed setting up a separate image account. Maybe in the future as and when I get chance to explore.

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Worked here in the 1990's.

Looking at the photo's, the place hasn't changed at all.

If anyone is interested I can add a little context to some of the photos.

Just let me know.....


For example, Photo 113 (The red light on the wall) from the main gallery. These were switched on to signify that an UNCLEARED visitor (Someone without TOP SECRET clearance) was in the area. These were dotted around the back end of the building.

JARIC was split into two. The 'Front End', where SECRET work was carried out, and the 'Back End', where TOP SECRET work was carried out.

Entry into JARIC was strictly controlled, and entry to the 'Back End' was even stricter. Entry to the 'Back End' was via the 'CheckPoint'.

Edited by Enigma

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I have to agree the watermark is VERY invasive.




These photos are of a place that wouldn't let people take ANYTHING out, let alone images of the inside !!

They have most definitely NEVER been seen before.


Anything removed from JARIC had to have a signed certificate stating that the item was UNCLASSIFED and safe to be removed.

These certificates were issued by a very small number of people.

The police conducted searches of people almost daily, and any infringement, however minor, would result in a persons clearance to work there being revoked.

I had one case of a young airman having a Post-It note inside his hat with a phone number on it.

He was detained until the number could be verified as belonging to a young lady, and wasn't the combination to any safes to which he had access. This took several days.


So, I can understand that Aquanaut wants to retain his rights to these photos.

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The work that was done there is certainly still classified, however, the buildings are now being razed to the ground to make way for new housing. The photos taken here will be the ONLY record of this unique place.


The last time I passed RAF Brampton (a couple of days ago), the signs stating "This is a prohibited place within the meaning of the Official Secrets Act......" had almost all been removed. Either that or taken as souvenirs !


Large signs have been erected by the developers proudly claiming they will remove fascinating, one could say historic, buildings; and replace them with tiny box shaped houses with no parking.

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Thank you so much for posting these pictures. My late mother was at JARIC and met my father there when they both served in the RAF in the early 60s. It made me feel close to her to see the place she used to work. All she ever said was that she had to pass a checkpoint every day and go through about 18 locked doors to get to her office! I shared the link with my Dad so that he can reminisce.

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