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Old School - Bershire - April 2015

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This was my first outing - TBH I was bricking it a little - every bang or noise made me freeze.  Its been trashed a lot which is a shame.  Hopefully with a little more experience I wont be as jumpy.  If there are any experienced expos out there to give me some advice of where to go next that would be great. 









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19 hours ago, mcgxll said:


So your first post is a one word...."location"?

not even "nice post, really like those pics. "Location?"

Why do folk think that they can just come and expect to get info off members without any inroduction let alone contribution to the forum?

You will get nothing from anyone if you don't contribute, we have no idea who or what you are, plod, secca, landowner......probably not but how do we know.

I suggest you use the say hello section to introduce yourself then do some explores then post some reports and then you may get info from others.

Rant over and welcome to the madhouse.

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