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1st Photo Competition (Ends 16th June 2017)

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Hope not out of time. Few shots from the phone:




Since those two above don't seem to show up on the forum I resized these but hope they are ok for viewing


Doorway to nowhere. Love the colour in this one. Very muted and downbeat, just like the location. (Tokyo docks)

File 16-06-2017, 08 15 37.jpg

Always in the kitchen at parties…..if you hold your parties at abandoned and ruined buildings. Haute cuisine get it on (Tokyo docks)


Do cum in. Abandoned love hotel near Tokyo


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Ladies and Gentlemen!

The book of my choice, the Soviet Ghosts photo album, has arrived today, I had to pass it around at work as people wanted to see it, top photos and write-ups in it!

Thank you again for choosing my photo, as a token of gratitude I'll be posting a nice report from a site in Scotland next week if my plan doesn't fail. :)

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