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What lies below? Rishworth area ,2016

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 This is the story of how a trip to a dam turned into a much bigger mooch into what seems to be a lost world. The pics were taken over 4 visits during 2016. 

 We start at the base of this pretty impressive dam, it stands 148 ft tall and it is 148 ft thick at its base. There is no spillway so excess water spills over the top of the dam creating a pretty awesome waterfall. An event that is quite rare so we'd be lucky to see this. At the base are blocks of concrete about 1metre cubed and look like tank traps, these apparently break up the impact of the water during overflow and limit erosion at the base.

The road leading here once continued along the valley but now crosses the outflow before heading back along the opposite side. the outflow goes beneath the road through a large culvert......

23651199054_d30b869324_z.jpgDSCF0294 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

22963172823_df912a4420_z.jpgDSCF0325 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

Not one for ignoring a tunnel my other 'alf heads straight through the culvert....

23648545444_9e89d5dbc0_z.jpgDSCF0333 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

Just a few feet beyond the culvert is this sight..I couldnt believe my eyes. Totally secluded with no route to either side of this bridge we wonder what it was for and what else is here

23648545524_9c3c302c19_z.jpgDSCF0335 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

After some online research i discover one photo of a bridge leading to a mill and after a failed attempt to cross a marsh and impassable undergrowth, a slide down a muddy bank got me to the top of the bridge

23648545634_65d8819a82_z.jpgDSCF1023 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

only to discover this wasnt the bridge i'd seen a photo of. This bridge did however lead to a mill although this is now mostly under the redirected road, This was the only evidence of a mill that once stood 4 storeys high

24250221156_f950559907_z.jpgDSCF1036 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

scrambling back up the bank we find a muddy path and head further downstream. We've not gone far before we discover various lumps of stone and some remains of what was obviously an old mill. This was apparently a paper, demolished about 100 years ago with nature doing a good job of reclaiming what is left

22962186124_aef57bc69c_z.jpgDSCF1413 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

23294675330_2a11a58a88_z.jpgDSCF1414 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

Couldnt work out what this pit was for..a massive timber straddled the hole and water seemed to cascade from everywhere around it...

23590328035_847c8ab71c_z.jpgDSCF1405 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

These, i think, were bleaching vats

23294627590_db5c26d4dd_z.jpgDSCF1404 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

alongside the mill was this impressive weir, the river was somehow finding a route around this and was rejoining down stream

23222405649_8722f5cc89_z.jpgDSCF1403 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

and what was this....the bridge i had originally found online. A little bit wonky and very narrow it still led to yet another mill, an intact mill at that....well...partly intact

23590333725_e995956740_z.jpgDSCF1406 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

22962210944_8f17e3b99f_z.jpgDSCF1427 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

the bottom level was just a path through

24250221286_e23784e3af_z.jpgDSCF1410 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

22963301963_6a27de78e4_z.jpgDSCF1411 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

to here..

23508067711_4651982b41_z.jpgDSCF1439 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

23590529155_8d04267594_z.jpgDSCF1449 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

23222565779_103eab55af_z.jpgDSCF1443 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

23481927502_48f44a63ec_z.jpgDSCF1440 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

24250221306_e502fd6664_z.jpgDSCF1441 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

23651198994_3417b5a110_z.jpgDSCF1448 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

down by the river this looks like the tail race

23294645030_1610a14eb7_z.jpgDSCF1407 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

outside is a much easier way back to the road, The base of a chimney stands on the left of the steps, which turned out to be a not so easy route back up. Back to the car and a quick drive further downstream to a "private" woods to look for something described on old maps as "caves".

private or not these woods were certainly creepy

33396355280_72cb1df51c_z.jpgDSCF0364 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

33651662421_5438a005ef_z.jpgDSCF0361 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

Not caves but "Bee Boles" or "Skeps" these were used to put wicker beehives in during wet weather

33651671481_5637f54564_z.jpgDSCF0351 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

one last stop on the way home, upstream from the dam is this 400 year old pack horse bridge. I love these things!

33624518592_c5361cd2a3_z.jpgDSCF0287 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

After a period of heavy rain we returned to get this shot..

23482054012_83ecd0e488_z.jpgboothwood dam by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

Hope i didnt drag on too long...

Thanks for looking

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I was just about to say exactly the same as TBolt even beforeI read his response.:D

That is one hell of an explore mate. Very interesting looking place and an awesome find. Brill write up too.

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Great job. You put an awful lot of work into getting that set of pics. 

I love the packhorse bridge......what an amazingly simple but effective structure.

I bet you were so pleased you went back to look at the dam after the rain....that last pic is brilliant......it must have been stunning to see it in action :thumbsup:

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