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porky pig

Formby Hall - June 2017

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HISTORY: built in 1914 this was a hot spot for the locals. In the 60's the kinks played here as well as other top groups at the time. A popular social club and wedding venue as well as a northern soul club known for its spring dancefloor. As most social clubs these days numbers dwindled and it closed its doors two years ago ready now for demolition for guess what... a housing development. 

My Visit: been keeping an eye on this for a while with no entry but the workmen started emptying the place and a few of the local chavs left an entry point so i made my visit.

























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Tell ya what, Gromit lad. Let's have a nice hot cup o' tea, eh?"

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good pics,, as a catering engineer,, it makes me laugh seeing old cookers still about,, due to the fact no one can be arsed to get rid of them and scrappers cant get rid of them due to there size at certain scrap merchants,, so its get left to rot,, which is a gift for n urbex pic :P:) 

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