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porky pig

Cheadle Royal Hospital

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Cheadle Royal Hospital, originally the Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum, is a psychiatric hospital situated on Wilmslow Road in Heald Green, Greater Manchester, England. 
Built between 1848-1849, the main building is Grade II listed and was designed by Richard Lane in the Elizabethan style. 

My Visit:- Easily accesable this former hospital has been set on fire vandalised and just the shell is left. i don't usually go for this kind of empty building but it was localish for a quick mooch on a friday morning.




just about standing!















boss the plane the plane!!


the hdr shot!


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no sir barns has now been converted to flats now. this is further on.



10 hours ago, War buildings said:

Cracking stuff Sir. Love the pics. shot number one captures the mood of the place perfectly, complete with bonus plane. Many thanks for sharing WB.

planes going over every five mins!


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