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Chapels, a bit like Buses - June 2017

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Visited with Tbolt and Snapt on our delightful return journey thru Wales.

Situated in the middle of a very remote part of Wales, off the beaten track and then further and further down another remote country lane is a little chapel next to a phone box. You may need the phone box, this is an American Werewolf kind of place and you won't be getting a signal on your phone if you need to phone for help (thinking vehicle breakdown rather than being ripped apart by a Lycanthrope to be honest).


This rather, very, small chapel is sometimes referred to as Sinister Chapel, not very sinister but location wise very quiet, remote and a little atmospheric on a wet and windy day.

Another Chapel


Another Welsh Chapel


Another Chapel


Another Chapel




We rather liked this place as well.

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..."sinister" in the chapel name probably refers to sinister meaning "to or on the left"....from sinister and dexter the latin terms for left and right...we still use dexterous to mean good with the hands...also right handed was good, left handed was evil which is why we use the word sinister to have bad connotations....being a left hooker myself I can verify that I'm definitely sinister...:spookee:

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