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Towers of cool. 2016/2017

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Willington Power Station was comprised of two almost entirely independent generating stations situated on the same site. With separate management and staff, the few facilities they shared amounted to the coal and water supply. The two stations were formally known as Willington ‘A’ and Willington ‘B’, with the ‘A’ Station closest to the main road
The beginning of 1954 saw the bulldozers move onto a 286 acre area of pasture land, a small covert and boggy, unused scrub between the B5009 and the Derby – Birmingham railway. No buildings were at peril – at least not yet – but Marples, Ridgeway & Partners Ltd, the company responsible for site clearance, foundations and the railway works, had a long job ahead of them preparing the site – especially the boggy land which was to form the railway marshalling yard. Thousands of tons of sand were tipped to build up the ground away from the water table.
The ‘A’ Station comprised four generating Units, each of 100 megawatt capacity. To service these, a pair of 425 foot chimneys (each reportedly amounting to 5,000 tons of material) were provided, along with just two cooling towers
The ‘B’ station was to be only two Units, albeit each of 200MW capacity – equalling the output of the ‘A’ Station with half the hardware. Only one 425 foot chimney was required for the ‘B’ Station, but three cooling towers were provided.
Of course the cooling towers are the largest and therefore most distinctive features of any power station. The three structures provided for the ‘B’ station were set at right-angles to the north of the pair for the ‘A’ Station. The towers are 300 feet high and have 145’ diameter at their tops, 122’ at their “throat” and 218’ at the base. Each tower had an effective cooling surface of 858,000 square feet.
By the end of 1957 the ‘A’ Station was nearing completion. The construction had not been without its cost – three workers lost their lives in falls, a hazard faced daily by the transient population of builders who moved from site to site on this work during the 1950’s and 60’s. The first Unit of the ‘A’ Station was commissioned on 17th December 1957 with Unit 4 bringing the station up to full operational capacity on 10th July 1959
For over 41 years electricity was produced here until one by one the generators were decomissioned and the plant finally shut down in march 1999. The plant was demolished later that year leaving the cooling towers to whoever bought the site.
with planning approved for a new gas fired powerstation, the go-ahead was given for the towers to be demolished between january and june this year. However, when the site was sold at auction the price had increased so much that it was deemed as being financially unviable and the prospective buyer pulled out giving the five towers a stay of execution........for now

I first visited here a couple of years ago and will never forget the experience of standing in the middle of a tower where it seems like even a butterflies wings would echo around you. Hence a revisit with 3 relative newbies, My sis, my son and a dodgy cockney geyser.
On arrival we discovered a new fence, no easy access this time. Walking further around the perimeter another access point was soon found......the other side of an electric fence. After a short discussion about who was gonna touch the fence first to "test" if it hurt or not we decided to play it safe and step over taking great care not to let the live wire touch ones gentleman parts especially after sis insisted jeans would be no protection.

We were in!.....

34928667614_c86eddc88b_z.jpgDSCF3558 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
35115267793_fec8d6212d_z.jpgDSCF5775 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
34928620194_2079e8b560_z.jpgDSCF3549 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
35754861261_acbb0a7b87_z.jpgDSCF5737 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
35792718981_fbc8578993_z.jpgDSCF5732 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
35886089965_6babc97c91_z.jpgDSCF5756 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
35886099455_af79da5ffb_z.jpgDSCF5754 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
35381613270_21d56747e0_z.jpgDSCF3527 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
35637667341_4dbece47d6_z.jpgDSCF3507 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
and finally...
the shot i was so hoping to get...
35076932513_d851c9e6b3_z.jpgDSCF5750 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
thanks for looking

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Cracking report and pics, love the place. Image 7 is my fave. They keep saying theyre coming down anytime, apparently workmen were spotted on there not long back, hope they stay up for a while yet.:elvis:

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On 15/07/2017 at 21:44, waveydave said:

Hey there Lavino.The buildings were demolished in 1999. substation is there but still active

Well I managed to do it a few months back it is part live tho

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