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HISTORY:-  Built in 1902 it was originally named the Grand Junction Theatre and Floral Hall, but several years later became known as the Hulme Hippodrome. 

For many years it was the beating heart of musical and comedic entertainment.

And it wasn’t just local celebrities, some of the world’s biggest stars, from the Beatles and Nina Simone to George Formby and Laurel and Hardy trod the boards.

The Theatre was built as a home for melodrama and originally seated 3,000 when it first opened as the Grand Junction Theatre and Floral Hall in 1901. Both Theatres were connected by an arcade.

The Theatre was renamed the Hulme Hippodrome in 1905 when it became a Music Hall.

In 1942 the Theatre was renamed the Second Manchester Repertory Theatre.

In 1950 the Theatre was refurbished and the Gallery was reopened.

In 1962 the Theatre was converted for Bingo and Casino use, and then later became a nightclub which closed down in 1986. Sadly in 2016 the Hippodrome's decay was still in evidence, it's then owners, a church group called Deya Ministries, who had been holding services in the Theatre's foyer for some time, and had leased the Theatre to 'Youth Village' who were a not-for-profit group, planned to convert the Theatre into an arts centre and a hub for community groups across Manchester, but this seems to have stalled at in May 2016.

THE VISIT:- Having looking at this for a long time it had been taken over by squatters. someone had been in touch with them and had been given access so off i went down to see if i could too get in. After an initial meeting and them seeing i wasn't bailiff's a nice young chap gave me the full tour from basement to rooftop! an amazing building shame going to waist. 

(very picture heavy i couldn't stop)




















battery room




old generator 




bogs in the basement










view from the stage










9/10 from me for this mooch.


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On 8/5/2017 at 18:52, Snapt said:

Ooh I do rather like that, a theatre where one can practice his thespian skills. I saw a film about thespians once. :lol:

are you sure you don't mean Lesbians?

I rather liked this place. You seem to have seen bits I haven't. Nice pics and report sir pig :)


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18 hours ago, porky pig said:



Someone took an item without permission and the fella was kicking off. I mentioned it on 28 and within 20 mins I got a certain person  paranoid and a confession from another.... few others jumped in and it led to me being banned... I still can't sleep at night!!!:lol:

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