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Feniscowles ,Oct 2016

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After my other half sprang it on me that we had to go to Preston to pick up some eBay purchase ,I thought I'd find somewhere nearby to check out an make a day of it. After finding a parking spot we waited for a lull in the traffic and hopped over the wall into the grounds of this privately owned ruin. 

Feniscowles hall was built in 1798 after William feilden bought the hamlet of Feniscowles. He lived here until his death in 1850 whereupon his son took over the household until 1877. He left after a lengthy court battle against local water authorities due to water pollution. A case he lost. He died only 2 years later.

After failing to sell in 1903 the hall was used for various functions until it fell into disrepair in the 1930s. It has slowly crumbled away for over 80 years leaving only a few walls remaining above ground. 

 After a very short while we soon noticed several holes in the ground and shining a light in we could see some very intact vaulted cellars. A bit nervous as it was my first foray underground I didn't examine all of them. After some research later I regretted this as there was more than I anticipated.

As the light faded we headed off up the hill where we found the wall was somewhat higher from the inside. No probs for me but my other half had a spot of trouble and ended up tumbling over in a rather undignified manner, but that's exploring for ya.

The gatehouse






Holes in the ground leading to.....


Various cellars


Deeper inside...


One last shot before heading home


Found this shot of the complete house sometime in the 1800


Aaargh, soz about the duplicate can't seem to delete it. 

Feniscowles Hall - people at the door

Thanks for looking

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