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Sports Venue, Varna - August 2017

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My first explore of the day with Darmon Richter, we had a wander round with the cameras and had a cheeky beer whilst hiding from the harsh afternoon sun.

History is somewhat lacking for this abandoned sports venue, apparently built to be a showcase to the world as to what Bulgaria could offer as a possible Olympic venue.

Built on the Black Sea coast, the building is unfinished and abandoned for an Olympics that never happened.




Please forgive me for repetition of similar photos, I just found the place very photogenic and one of them very special chill out type of locations so very sorry the over indulgence - the cold beer and company did also add that extra to the visit.













For me this is one of those special places without any Indiana Jones type shit, simply sat hiding in plain view on main city road hidden from the world by the undergrowth around it.

I give it a resounding 10/10 chill with beer score.

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I love skeletal structures of rust where the plants have started to creep in. I like to enjoy the scent of buddleia (don't know if it grows in Bulgaria) and see the light make shadows on the ground from the metal framework above. Extra sensory enjoyment if it is just around the corner from civilisation and I can hear the traffic/world outside yet enjoy the peace of the ruins like in a place I went to in Birmingham. :) 

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