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St Thoma's Hospital Scarborough Seafront

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Our latest video from Britain's Decays, we visited the 19th century hospital that's been abandoned for decades. It can be seen from the seafront in Scarborough but nobody has been in there for years! It was a tough nut to crack, we had to do some climbing over dangerous walls and through thorn bushes, but we got in eventually :) More information on the place here.

This is actually only the back building to the hospital, the front, main part is bricked up. However we did find a broken window, so we may be going back with a ladder to climb across the drop we climbed to get in here.


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Uuuuggggh that's reet proper mucky is that. 

I hope you had a good wash up before tea time? 

Always wear gloves and a mask in place like that would be my advice, not that you asked for it lol bit it stops the hands getting full of shit when you fall over. 

Thanks for posting. 

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