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Denton Manor Stables (Sept '17)

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History: The original Manor house was a stone mansion built on a wooded hill. This was then nearly all rebuilt circa 1819. A spring near to the house was said to possess medicinal and healing powers. In 1842, a local  family took over and between 1879 and 1883 rebuilt the house based on the designs of architect Sir Arthur Blomfield.

The house was ravaged by fire in 1906. Dozens of wagons, traps and other horse-drawn vehicles were chartered in the nearby market town as spectators rushed to watch the blaze. Firemen climbed ladders and stripped away roof tiles for their hose jets and drew water from fishponds 300 metres away. Fire brigades from surrounding towns also turned out and as a result much of the manor was saved as the fire was contained to the upper floors. However the flames and water caused an estimated damage of £30,000 to fabric and furniture (around £3 million in today’s money). The fire began in the chapel and was blamed on an overheating flue. It was discovered by a housemaid while the manor’s lord and lady were in church. Friends and villagers acted fast and helped to remove valuable paintings and furniture.

The blaze only strengthened the family's resolve and they rebuild it and restored it to its former glory. However like so many stately homes of this the area, the up-keep of the manor became too much and in 1938 it was demolished.
(Credit: HughieD)


The first time finding this place didn't go so well since we had decided to go on a rainy night, we were very quickly defeated by the size of this park especially in the dark and left soaking wet and slightly disappointed. A few days later during daytime hours we were determined to find it after talking to another member on here and went to have another look, we found it almost straight away this time.

It was too overgrown to get in the front way, the side entrance was too muddy our shoes just sank into it and all the windows are wired or bared. So the only access we found too the house was through the cellar/basement? but the stairs just led to a holey attic and a locked door on the 1st floor but we still enjoyed walking round the area.









We really wanted to know what was behind this door:

















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4 hours ago, War buildings said:

Great write up, shame you couldn't get in, first class pics though, many thanks for sharing WB.

Thank you! It was a shame but hoping to try again sometime, hopefully with better luck of getting in. 

3 hours ago, Tbolt said:

Really good write up excellent history on the place it looks good a shame there's now way in yet but keep looking it's all about timing. 

Thank you, I found the history on this manor house quite interesting & we will do, people have found access before but I think it would've been when the overgrowth wasnt as bad or the side entrance wasnt as muddy, so hopefully we'll be able to get in one day 


2 hours ago, evilnoodle said:

Lovely building :thumbsup:

It is isnt it, I just loved the little tower it gave the building a lot of character

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